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A Horrible Way To Die - Review

A Horrible Way To Die Review By Ryan Morrissey-Smith
"A Horrible Way To Die is an outstanding study in humanity, both lack of it and having an abundance of it"
With 'You’re Next' hitting cinemas soon, Haddonfield horror decided to re-visit Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s first film 'A Horrible Way To Die'. Having not got around to seeing this when it was released it was a first time experience for me…and wow, what an experience. With an alarmists (and cool) title like 'A Horrible Way To Die' this is not what you expect. A slow burning serial killer film, that not only gives you the requisite chills but also give you the emotion that is generally lacking in films of this kind.
The plot is simple: An escaped killer tracks down the woman that put him away. Yet what writer Simon Barrett does is show that the past has consequences for everyone and that is on display from the first scene to the last. Wingard employs an always moving, sometimes out of focus cam…

Killer Klowns From Outer Space - Review

*Jozef Hamilton goes back in time and presents...


*Didn't actually go back in time... he simply just watched a DVD

Clowns. Some people just hate these grease painted guys. We may have Pennywise The Dancing Clown to thank for this, or perhaps it's the ever present grin of The Joker that managed to ignite some sort of fear for these seemingly harmless fools? Regardless, there are just some people out there who cannot stand the sight of these guys. That's why we need to ask ourselves, why hasn't a horror film capitalised on this phobia?
Sure we have the likes of Pennywise in the aforementioned 'Stephen King's IT' and the musings of the ghetto-tastic 'Killjoy' series to fill this gap along with Victor Salva's 'Clownhouse'. But when we really look at it, these are just guys in face paint. It can easily be wiped off and there's a normal human being underneath. But, what if the clown itself was the true fo…

Under The Bed - Review

Under The Bed Review By Dan Cole

We are all familiar with the bogeyman. It lurks in the dark corners of your room. It scares children the world over. Nowhere is safe from its evil not even your own bed. The bogeyman has been the subject of countless horror films and works well as a horror antagonist due to the inherent fear it represents. The fact that it reminds people of the fear they faced when they where younger and wondered what was silently wandering around their rooms. Director Steven C. Miller’s film tackles the creature head on.
The film focuses on Neal (Jonny Weston) and Paulie (Gattlin Griffith), brothers who have just been reunited after two years. Neal has been away due to some weird goings on that ended with a house fire. Of course the moment Neal comes back the spooky occurrences seem to intensify. What follows is an attempt to do something a little different with the bogeyman scenario, but Miller fails to achieve this.
When the film begins there is a conscious effort from…

Halloween: H20 - Recap [SPOILERS GALORE]

Ian Austin Presents...

Let's start this recap off by noting that Halloween: H20 is one of the stupidest titles of all time given H2O is the code for WATER. Calling it Halloween: H20 is as ridiculous as DC Comics still using the DC given that the DC stands for Detective Comics. I guess Kevin Williamson didn't realise that the cutesy stuff worked in Scream because it was a metatextual deconstruction of slasher films, whereas Halloween is played so straight it's ridiculous - actually using the tropes to its advantage, mostly. (NB: Kevin Williamson came up with the story, and an outline, for this movie. Why he's not credited it beyond me.)
Let me also say that this recap is not intended as a crticism of Jamie Lee Curtis. This isn't a great movie, or even a good one, and Laurie is a horrible character, but Lee Curtis does an absolutely brilliant job at all times. It isn't her fault that she's playing a character who suffers from b…


Troll 2 Review By Bill Gordon
"Nilbog? That's Goblin Spelt backwards! This is their Kingdom!"

Before I start this review, instead of writing my own synopsis, I’d just like to take the time to show you the official one:  “Those greedy Goblins are back and hungrier than ever in this gourmet gross-out! Disguised as friendly country folk, a pugnacious posse of people-eating Trolls lures visitors to their town.  But a family of four is about to discover that this place is a real tourist trap… and they’re the prey! Now, the no-good Gnomes must be destroyed before the family gets flamb├ęd… and the world becomes a buffet in this feeding frenzy of fear!” What a synopsis, am I right?! Apparently Trolls, Gnomes and Goblins are the same thing.  The best part as well is that this is an unofficial sequel to ‘Troll’ and it doesn’t even have any Trolls in it… instead they are vegetarian Goblins… Genius.  ‘Troll 2’ was directed by Italian director, Claudio Fragasso.  Claudio believed he knew …

The Conjuring - West End Preview Review

The Conjuring Screening at West End Odeon Review
by Alli Price
“Amityville meets the Exorcist”

Before I get to the latest offering from James Wan, director of Saw and Insidious, I have to say something about this screening itself. When I arrived after a scorching rush hour journey on the tube across London, I was dismayed to see the size of the queue stretching around the corner of the cinema as it meant a further wait before hitting the air-con.  However, standing in the queue, talking to the people eagerly awaiting their chance to see The Conjuring prior to its UK release on 2nd August (USA release 19th July) actually proved not only interesting but entertaining.  Generally it seemed to be the women who were more than happy to relate how they react to horror films and which ones they’d seen at the cinema and which at home where they could more easily hide behind something, but there were more than a few uneasy looking guys. The audience was made up of some press, a lot of competition w…

HIDDEN GEM: Slashers (2001) - Review

Slashers - Review
When some people are asked to consider a ‘hidden gem’ within the horror genre, some may turn to an offshoot franchise that never made the cut in order to break into a mainstream hit such as ‘Gingerdead Man’, or a slew of already established franchises who had direct to DVD entries such as ‘Leprechaun 4: In Space’. Most of us who are familiar with the genre would have most likely heard of these picks in one form or another, hell, we may have even seen them at one point in our lives but cannot for the sake of Krueger remember the title of said film. Well, hopefully the following film that I’m going to review for you all truly encapsulates the title, ‘hidden gem’ by truly presenting itself as a complete enigma of a film.
Reality television. We’ve all seen it in one form or another. To some it’s a guilty pleasure and to others, watching it is a fate worse than death. A duality that even the cenobites of Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’ would be envious of. That being said, the …

The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Review

The Dyatlov Pass Incident – Review
"The Blair Witch Project in snowy conditions"

Many of you may have probably heard of the “Dyatlov Pass Incident”.  Back in 1959 a party of ten skiers took off on a camping trip in Russia’s Ural Mountains, nine of them never returned.  On the night of February 2nd, members of the party supposedly ripped open their tent from the inside and wondered into the snow, wearing nothing other than what they were wearing to bed, leaving their shoes behind.  Three weeks later, five bodies were found not far from the camp and it wasn’t until several months later the remaining four bodies were found.  Tests on their clothes found high levels of radiation and subsequent examinations of the bodies showed fractures to the skull, broken ribs and that one of them was missing their tongue.  There was no real closure to this mystery, which obviously sparked a lot of conspiracy theories.  Chilling stuff ay? And what a perfect set up for a horror film… let’s say… a…

Haddonfield Horror Vs. Film4 FrightFest: What we're looking forward to

Haddonfield Horror Vs. Film4 FrightFest: What we're looking forward to

So it's that wonderful time of the year again! When all the children gather round and buy tickets for Film4 FrightFest.  Day Passes went on sale a couple of weeks ago, but we still have the single tickets to go on sale (27th July).  If, like us, you can't make every single day and you don't know what to see, we can help you! Here is a top ten list of our most anticipated horror films for this years FrightFest (in no particular order).

1) Curse of Chucky - MAIN SCREEN, Thursday 22nd Aug, 9:00PM
The serial killer who’s such a doll returns for more murderous mayhem. Chucky arrives to wreak havoc within a dysfunctional family that’s regrouped for a funeral. In the wake of her mother’s passing, Nica – in a wheelchair since birth – is forced to put up with her sister, Barb, brother-in-law Ian, 5 year-old niece Alice and her stern nanny as they say their tearful goodbyes. When the people she loathes start tur…