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COMICS: Army of Darkness VS. Hack/Slash #1 (of 6) - Review


I’ve never really read horror comics before.  I mean, I read ‘The Walking Dead’ and that’s about it.  The closest I’ve been to reading horror, other than ‘The Walking Dead’, is ‘Hellboy’ (which I think we can agree is not exactly horror at all…) and ‘Batman’.  I say ‘Batman’ mainly because there have been many story arcs that involve many horror related themes, mainly being arcs such as ‘The Black Mirror’, ‘The Killing Joke’, aspects of ‘Batman: Earth One’ and Joker’s latest arc ‘Death of The Family’, they are only a few examples.  But many of Batman’s villains could fall under the category of a horror icon; you have Scarecrow, Joker and even the serial killer Zsasz etc.  Detective/crime stories will always have moments when they share similar themes/elements with a horror story.  But we’re not here to talk about ‘Batman’, ‘cause let’s face it, as much as I argue/give examples, ‘Batman’ isn’t a horror series.  On the other ha…

SEQUELS WEEK: The Good - Evil Dead II

SEQUELS WEEK The Good - Evil Dead II By RJ Bayley

Before we get started, yes, Evil Dead II (1987) (Or Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, depending on what publicity material you read at the time) is a sequel. You'll find an alarming amount of film scholars and horror enthusiasts telling you that it's a remake of the The Evil Dead (1981). Perhaps they're confused by the sudden shift in tone from one of sheer terror to one of comedic horror? Or maybe it's the fact it's liberal with its recap of the previous film? Or is it the fact that all the events take place in the same cabin in the woods?

Either way, there's a big fat 'II/2' there in the title. It's called Evil Dead II. If it was a remake it would be called Evil Dead and would have come out in 2013 and then turned out to be a sequel anyway. Secondly, Evil Dead II explicitly acknowledges the events of the first film. Yes, as mentioned above, it's very liberal with its retelling of the events that lead up t…

Bill Gordon's Top 5 of 2013 (So far)

BILL GORDON'S TOP 5 HORROR OF 2013 ....So far So 2013 has seen many disappointments and many nice surprises, so what better than to take a look back at my personal favourites! I know many of you may disagree with my choices, and I respect all your opinions and don't want to start any arguments... so lets be nice alright?  Glad we got that across... (you guys are awesome).  LETS BEGIN! 5) V/H/S 2 I was a fan of 'V/H/S' despite some of the segments being a bit disappointing, but I felt 'V/H/S 2' learnt from its mistakes.  Each segment in 'V/H/S 2' was fun and unique in its own way... we got our best alien abduction horror this year... and it was thirty minutes long (sorry 'Dark Skies').  Easily the best segment was Gareth Evan's 'Safe Haven', it was inventive, fun, scary and just damn crazy!  Not once was I bored.  'V/H/S 2' has created a whole new universe where anything can happen... and I'm excited to see what else there is …

COMPETITION: Win 'The Bleeding House' on DVD

COMPETITION: Win 'The Bleeding House' on DVD

This week saw Safecracker Pictures release of Philip Gelatt's directional debut 'The Bleeding House' on DVD/Blu-ray.  To celebrate the release of this new horror film, we have been given 5 copies to give away to some of our readers!  This competition is to win TWO of the 5 copies.  We will be carrying out 3 more competitions throughout September... we like to keep you all on your feet. 

"A stranger with mysterious intentions comes to stay the night at a secluded country home, but what he finds inside is a family torn apart by a violent past and a secret more deadly than he expected."

To win a copy of 'The Bleeding House' on DVD all you have to do is answer this simple question:

Who directed 'The Bleeding House'?

A) Uwe Boll

B) Wes Craven

C) Philip Gelatt

Email your answer along with your name and age to:
Use 'Bleeding Comp' as the subject heading
Closing date: CLOSED

UK …

SEQUELS WEEK: The Good - Dawn of The Dead (1978)

SEQUELS WEEK The Good - Dawn of The Dead (1978) By Jozef Hamilton
“It's really all over...isn't it?”

The contemporary zombie has become as recognisably domestic as the common pet dog or cat. We cannot turn a corner these days without seeing one of the flesh eating ghouls paraded on a DVD or game cover. The fact of the matter is, whether we like it or not, is that although these creatures are still very entertaining threats when presented in the right manner, for the most part, they have been dumbed down (that's saying something) and diluted from their original incarnations. Their legacy spans over forty years of cinematic presence, thanks to the genius of George A. Romero, known as the 'Godfather of Gore' to those within the horror community for creating what we have come to know as the flesh eating zombie.
Of course the conceivement of the dead returning to life, hell bent on feasting on the flesh of the living came around with the 1968 classic 'Night of the Livin…

SEQUELS WEEK: The Bad - A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

SEQUELS WEEK The Bad - A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 recap By Ian Austin

Ya know, people tend to assume you're 'homophobic' if you admit to having no interest in Brokeback Mountain. I defend it by saying I'm not a fan of dramas between 'straight' couples either, but there's always that undercurrent of doubt from the other person. Luckily, horror fans have A Nightmare On Elm Street, Part Two (or ANOES 2) as a retort; as it is quite possibly the most brilliantly homoerotic film ever made.
I don't mean that as an insult, by the way. The truth is, as I'll go into in this recap, is that ANOES II is not a very good film. The only redeeming feature of it is the fact that the film doesn't seem to realise what sort of film it actually is until the end. Like Inception, the point is obvious to everyone except the main character (and, in this case, also the director.) So let's sit back, and enjoy one of the most amazingly insane (and funny) horror sequels th…