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UK TV Horror Guide - 02/11 to 08/11

Channel Time Reason for watching Sat 02 Final Destination 5 Sky 3D Noon None whatsoever Total Recall (2012) Sci-Fi/Horr 9pm Colin Farrell Maniac Cop Horror 9pm Bruce Campbell. Nuff said. Invasion of Body Snatchers MGM HD 9pm 1978 - Donald Sutherland v aliens Halloween III SyFy 9pm The one without Myers Underworld Awakening Sky 3D 10.30pm T&A in 3D Return of the Living Dead 3 Horror

Haddonfield Halloween - 'Boo', Review by Zoe

A group of college students get trapped in an abandoned, haunted hospital on Halloween. What could possibly go wrong here?
The Plot
Two college guys decide to scare their girlfriends by rigging up some fake scares in a reputedly haunted abandoned hospital. Although one of the girls is reluctant at first (clearly having more than the requisite one brain cell) she eventually agrees. Once in there they meet up with another guy, Allan, who is searching for his sister, who disappeared when she went into the hospital with her friends two nights before. Also thrown into the mix is former Blaxploitation actor now cop Arlo Ray Baines who is there at the behest of Allan, his former partner’s son. Oh yeah, and there’s an evil ghost of a nasty child-murdering rapist who is trying to possess people in order to gain corporeal form and leave the hospital. PLUS there’s the ghost of the murdered little girl, hanging around creeping people out for no reason.
As ridiculous as that above plot summary sou…