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Skinwalker Ranch - A Review by Ryan

Found footage films have become the cheap way to make films, and why not in this day and age of making a profit. However it is because of this and with the rash of new found footage films that see the light of day, what once seemed fresh and interesting is now almost a new breed of horror trope. 
Gone are the days of the screaming blonde with a huge rack running up the stairs, now it has been replaced by the shaky camera when something unexpected happens or its camera interference when something is about to happen. The found footage sub genre still has these tried and tested elements from the old school but the new school formula is getting very tired, very quickly.
Skinwalker Ranch is loosely based on the alleged happenings at the real ranch called Sherman Ranch located in Utah, it is the site of paranormal and UFO activity. The name Skinwalker comes from the Native Americans who called people with supernatural ability to turn into the animals of their choosing.  Skinwalker Ranch is by…

The Walking Dead Season 4 - "Internment" Review *contains spoilers*

Well this season is getting grim fast. Of course surviving in a zombie outbreak would be a grim task, but there was little joy to be had here. Even though at the end of the day our heroes won, it felt more like defeat.

The episode was mainly concerned with the quarantine zone inside the prison and Hershel's fight to keep everyone safe. He mostly failed in that regard as the inevitable zombie attack came to a head in the episodes climax. However for the most part Hershel was a compelling character to watch as he tried his hardest to hold onto his moral code and faith. Scott Wilson is the unsung hero of the cast and his Hershel brings with him enough emotional weight that helps make the character one of the most relatable in the show. This maybe considered a slow episode for the most part, but Hershel's quiet moments are easily the episodes strongest.

Outside of Hershel there is just zombies and Rick. Of course Maggie, Glenn and Sasha all get moments to shine (for better or wor…

UK Horror TV Guide - 16 - 22 November

Channel Time Reason for watching Sat 16 Hell's Rain Horr 3.50pm Flaming balls apparently The Company of Wolves Horr 9.00 Not the football team Prometheus Scifi/Hor 9.00 Alien goo is a bad thing Dredd Showcase 10.45 The Raid, with more guns All The Boys Love Mandy L Horr 10.55 The critics don’t Alien Resurrection More> 10.55 Still better than Prometheus Frozen