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Film News - The Conjuring 2 Gets Release Date Set

The long awaited follow up to James Wan's The Conjuring is set for release. Announced by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. The film will go live on 23rd October next year, 2015. No plot synopsis has been officially released and there is various leaked ideas available on the net, we at Haddonfield Horror shall wait for something more concrete.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will reprise their roles.

Film Review - Memory Lane

By RJ Bayley

I need to establish a few things before I launch into my review of Memory Lane, mainly so I don’t come off as a pissy, uncharitable asshole who never made a thing in his life, never mind a feature film for $300. Honestly, I think you’ll understand and enjoy this review a little more if you indulge me.

The Walking Dead Season 4 - "Claimed" Review *contains spoilers*

The Walking Dead continues the split narrative approach that has given the show some much needed variety. However yet again this means that the quality of the episode changes depending on what is on the screen. This week we have Glenn and his new merry band of misfits, Michonne and Carl getting to know each other and Rick hiding under a bed.

This is perhaps the most tonally inconsistent episode of the show so far. The audience is treated to a smorgasbord of plot elements. We have humour, warm fuzzy moments, art appreciation, murder/suicide, murderous intruders, action film escapes, mullets and hot pants. Non of it blends together well and the episode seems schizophrenic as it can't decide on what it wants to achieve. This is mainly due to Rick's portion of the episode.

When dealing with Glenn, Carl and Michonne there is a levity that is juxtaposed with some hard hitting moments. They maybe heavy handed narratives, but at least they both go together. Rick's seems to be fr…

Review - Chained

By Lisa Fremont

The talented Jennifer Lynch has brought us a few of the most delectable, little morsels of film. I still clearly remember how I felt the first time that I saw Boxing Helena. It is such a beautiful, yet twisted, kind of love story and, bonus, it was during Julian Sands and Sherilyn Fenn's heyday. (I still have a huge crush on that man.) We didn't hear from Lynch again until Surveillance. I can almost recall the exact way that my stomach twisted during the opening sequence of this film. Jennifer Chambers Lynch is clearly her father's daughter, but her movies are her own.

Trailer - Penny Dreadful

Some of literature's most famously terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula. become embroiled in Victorian London...

Fatal Pictures presents Familiar

FATAL PICTURES’ presents “FAMILIAR” (2012)...

News - Rob Zombie ditches hockey for horror (for now)

It looks like Rob Zombie's hiatus from horror has been short lived as he announced to New Zealand's 3 News that he is going back to the genre he knows best...

News - Eli Roth to co-write and direct Knock Knock

After a six-year gap between “Hostel: Part II” and “The Green Inferno,” out in September, Eli Roth is set to reteam with his “Aftershock” co-writers on the horror movie “Knock Knock,” according to TheWrap... 

Review - Wolf Creek 2

by Ryan Morrissey-Smith
Sequels are a tricky business, more so for horror films. The desire to create the same atmosphere that made the first film resonate with audiences would be a difficult task and besides that who wants to recover old ground? ...

Horror Audiobook Gets Audie Nomination

Our friends at Spokenworld Audio have something to celebrate. Here's their press release...

Raven Banner Acquires Clive Barker's Jacqueline Ess for Screen Adaptation

Raven Banner Acquires Clive Barker's Jacqueline Ess for Screen Adaptation And Will Produce With Barker’s Seraphim Films...

‘Founders Day’ Concept Trailer Premieres Online

‘Founders Day’ Concept Trailer Premieres Online...

The Top 50 According to Dan

The Top 50 Horror Films According to Dan...

The Top 50 According to Bill Gordon

The Top 50 Horror Films according to Bill Gordon...

Neil Gaiman Inspired Short in Production

Writer/Director Bryan Edward Hill is currently in pre-production on his short film titled DEATH: BUTTERFLIES AND DRAGONS, based on Neil Gaiman’s immensely popular comic series. Actor Suziey Block has signed on to play the titular character...

Chuck Wendig Series of Books to Continue

Abaddon is very proud to announce the next title in the Gods and Monsters series, created by genre superstar author Chuck Wendig...

New to Download from TheHorrorShow.TV

We hoped you might be interested to know the latest developments at http://www.TheHorrorShow.TV

The Top 50 According to Jozef

The Top 50 Horror Films according to Jozef...

Dissecting Deadgirl

FULL DISCLOSURE: This was meant to be a review of Deadgirl, I had seen it prior and was blown away with it, this was my second time watching it and I had so much I wanted to say about this that this is what spewed out!...

The Walking Dead Season 4 - "Inmates" Review *contains spoilers*

After last week's focus on Carl, Michonne and Rick, "Inmates" gets the audience up to speed with the rest of the survivors. What writers Matthew Negrete and Channing Powell deliver is a collection of vignettes. It makes for an interestingly structured episode, which has a few ups and downs.

There is a greater pace to the proceedings this week and the zombie kill count is higher, but this episode has none of the depth or nuanced character work that was seen in last week's episode. Granted the writers do a good job of showing how everyone is coping with their new status quo, but it feels a little more forced.

We begin the episode with a terribly contrived monologue from Beth, a character who has had little development. The monologue is set before the catastrophe that landed her with zombie assassin Daryl. As a framing device to their journey it almost works, but the dialogue is too obvious and doesn't give any more insight to her thought process that the audience …

Review - Muirhouse

By RJ Bayley

There must be an army of like minded horror fans out there who are all too keen to rally around the found footage format and defend it to the hilt. Not for what the genre is though. Sure it's offered some fantastic movies unto the altar of horror (Cloverfield, Rec. and the criminally underseen The Bay spring to mind) and, even delivered the truly seminal The Blair Witch Project. However those warriors of the FFF (Found Footage Format, don’t you know) willingly bear the brunt of so much scorn instead for what we know the format could be. We see so much more potential in the genre than the handful of excellent pieces it's produced so far.

The Walking Dead Season 4 - "After" Review *contains spoilers*

The Walking Dead has returned with an episode aptly titled "After." With the prison gone and the survivors scattered it looks like the second half of season 4 is going to focus more on survival and intense zombie action rather than planting vegetables. However "After" is somewhat of a surprise. Instead of delivering the expected high octane mid-season premiere, writer Robert Kirkman and director Greg Nicotero give us a sombre episode that focuses on only three main characters. It is a risky gambit especially since this episode is mainly about Carl, a character who isn't exactly a fan favourite. It is a ballsy move that pays off. "After" is an engaging character piece that fleshes out Carl and delves deeper into Michonne's past and mindset.
It is slow paced, and that might turn off that part of the audience who just wants mindless zombie violence, but it is also one of the stronger episodes of the season. Focusing on how Carl is dealing with ever…