TV Review - Hannibal Season 2 Episode 4 'Takiawase'

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TV Editor Zoe Butcher is buzzing about episode four of Hannibal's second season...

With his trial suspended Will can continue his Hannibal baiting and Katz can continue her investigation into the most dangerous serial killer in the US. It's all going to end in tears.

Both of our main protagonists weren't exactly putting their finer qualities on display this episode. I have precious little sympathy for Will anyway but he's got to have realised that by sending Katz after Dr Lecter he was putting her in danger and he does it anyway, making him a bit of a heartless bastard.

Speaking of heartless bastards, Hannibal really outdoes himself in that regard this week. Poor Bella Crawford, dying of lung cancer, chooses to end her suffering with dignity by taking an overdose of morphine. Unfortunately for her she chooses to do it in front of Hannibal who, having listened to her moving and valid reasons for ending her life, watches her die, then revives her. What a massive shit.

Hospital bed
Hannibal Lecter: What a guy
Let's also congratulate the Hannibal art department on another repulsively creepy death scene this week. I can just imagine the creative pre-production meetings - 'we've had death by mushrooms, antlers, totem poles, what next? Ooh, I know - bees!'. If you're not a big fan of our yellow and black buzzing friends then this week's Hannibal nutjob is probably not going to be your choice of acupuncturist (or anybody else's given her propensity to lobotomise patients then turn them into human beehives).

Man covered in bees wax
Next person to make a bee related pun gets shot in the face
Also, as an added bonus we get some entertaining bee-ejaculation facts thrown in. What other show gives you that? Bee education apart it wasn't much of a murder mystery as our psycho is tracked down pretty easily through patient records so we can get back to the main story, Will vs Hannibal, round two.

Katz me if you can.....oh, you did. Bugger.
If you learn one thing from this episode (apart from aforementioned bee ejaculation trivia) it's that, if you suspect someone is a vicious and prolific serial killer do NOT break into his house. And, if you must break into  his house and you find a HUMAN KIDNEY in the fridge - LEAVE! Don't, say for example, ponce off down into the basement to see what other human organs you can find. Apparently Katz must have missed the FBI 'how to stay alive 101' class because she does just that and, in a fabulous and terrifying cliffhanger, comes face to face with the Chesapeake Ripper himself. Is she dead? Alive in some horrific torture chamber? And how in hell does Hannibal move that quickly?! We'll have to watch next week to find out...

Only not a perfect ten because I'm sure this season has much more to give.

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