TV Review - Hannibal Season 2 Episode 5 'Mukozuke'

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TV Editor Zoe Butcher recants her vegetarianism and tucks into Hannibal's fifth course 'Mukozuke'...

Reeling from the death of his colleague at the hands of the Ripper, Will reaches out to his 'avid fan' to help him put an end to Hannibal once and for all.

Poor Beverley. It seems that being mentioned in the books wasn't enough plot armour to survive an encounter with the Ripper after all as she is found in the observatory looking for all the world like she got on the wrong side of a particularly unpleasant double glazing salesman.

Beverley's fate leads Will to make one of the more stupid decisions he's made in this show (and there have been a few) when he decides to take advice from Dr Abel Gideon. Yes everyone's favourite fraud is back this week

Slices of people
I like to know my employees inside out, but this is ridiculous
Abel tells Will that the Ripper will not be caught, he will have to be killed so (Red Dragon klaxon alert) Will uses Lounds and to contact his fan, the chap who killed the bailiff at Will's trial. Luckily for Will this serial killer happens to work at the Baltimore State Hospital For The Criminally Insane so together they hatch a plan to dispose of Hannibal (which involves swimming pools and crucifixion, obviously).

Will in a straightjacket
Hmmm, this image reminds me of something - I can't quite place it...
All this plot malarkey takes a back seat to this week's most significant event for Fannibals - yes it's Hannibal in swimming trunks! Before you get too excited ladies* it's not Speedos, but it's close enough. Luckily for our favourite carnivore Dr Gideon decides (in one of his most random decisions yet) to tell Alana Bloom about Will's plan, enabling her and Crawford to arrive just in the nick of time. Sorry Will, better luck next time.

* and gentlemen, and also weirdos

Crawford lifts down hanged man
Well, this is awkward
Incidentally Hannibal refers to Freddie Lounds as 'rude' for a second time this week. Two occasions of being rude to Hannibal? How on earth is she going to make it through to Red Dragon?

So another stunning episode of TV's best show ends with a semi-naked Hannibal collapsed in the arms of Crawford (lucky old Laurence Fishburne) all of which leaves us wondering just how much better this season can get? I am so looking forward to finding out.

Loses one point due to unnecessarily prevalent Izzard

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