TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 6 'Futamono'

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Zoe Butcher settles down for course number six in Hannibal's awesome second season...

After his failed attempt to murder Dr Lecter last week, Will resorts to proving his guilt via the medium of Dr Abel Gideon. Hannibal, however, needs to recover from his near death experience - what better way to do that than with a dinner party...

Poor old Will, his friends list is dwindling. After his attempt on his psychiatrist's life even stalwart companion Alana Bloom has defected to team Hannibal (by defected, I mean she's shagging him. Some things are just far too nasty to discuss in this review). Crawford, on the other hand, is coming around to Will's 'Hannibal the Cannibal' theory (and not just because it rhymes). Will's proclamation that 'if the ripper is killing, then Hannibal Lecter is throwing a dinner party' gets Crawford's mind going in all the right directions. It helps that Hannibal then proceeds to invite Crawford to said dinner party. Surely Doctor Lecter can't be that easily caught...

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Tree-hugging: Hannibal style
Of course Hannibal's not going down that easily, oh ye of little faith. Despite harvesting the majority of organs from some poor unfortunate chap who just happened to have had a bird reserve concreted over for a car park (Hannibal - closet twitcher, who knew?), when suspicious Crawford has the dinner party food DNA tested (note to self, never invite Jack to parties) it turns out to be normal cow-based substances. Ahaha, suck on that FBI.

I know that look. Dirty girl.
Apart from Hannibal not getting caught and Alana jumping into bed with him (still yuck) the biggest storyline this week was the end (or presumed end) of Dr Abel Gideon. It seems he's finally tipped the balance from being usefully insane to being an annoying liability and, after he gets himself hospitalised by talking shit about his victims, the wrong sort of doctor turns up for a visit. By 'wrong' I mean the sort of Doctor that kills your guard and takes you back to his house, whereupon he forces you to eat your own leg (insert own NHS joke here).

We should probably rethink our 'Come Dine With Me' group
I can't finish this review without a nod to the rising star of Hannibal: Dr Frederick Chilton (Raul Esparza). Arrogant, preening and just a little bit camp, with an inferiority complex to rival Hannibal's God one, he is fast becoming my favourite character. He's in the books so it's safe to assume he's in for the long haul.....or is it?


No one single thing I can criticise in this episode. I must be ill.

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