TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 7 'Yakimono'

Zoe Butcher tucks into Hannibal's seventh course 'Yakimono' with relish (and chips)...

Crawford is thrilled to have Miriam back from the dead, Will is thrilled to be out of the hospital and Hannibal, well he's just sitting back and enjoying the show. As are we all.

Miriam Lass, the only surviving victim of the Chesapeake Ripper is back. So that means job done, epic Crawford/Hannibal smackdown and season over, right? Wrong. The good doctor would never have allowed her to be found if he didn't know she was 'armless (ahahahaha....sorry). Two years is a long time to have Hannibal Lecter poking about inside your brain (figuratively this time, not literally) and Miriam has no memory of the real identity of the Ripper even when in the same room with him. Phew.

Photo: Dr Lecter
Hannibal Lecter, master at manipulation, useless at selfies
After a thorough search of the Ripper's 'barn conversion', the world's worst profiler Jack Crawford decides that he has a new Ripper suspect - step forward the fabulous Dr Chilton. Remember that bit in a previous episode where Abel Gideon  told Lecter that Chilton wanted  'to be him' and Lecter replied that Chilton should 'be careful what he wished for'? Well, that's what we call foreshadowing like a bitch. It seems Hannibal's wheel of stitch-ups has landed squarely on poor Frederick and that's never a good thing, just ask Will.

Photo Dr Chilton
Donate blood, they said. Nothing can go wrong, they said...
Chilton arrives home to find a dying, multiple-amputee Abel Gideon in the guest bedroom and, even worse, Hannibal Lecter wearing the see-through plastic mac of dismemberment in the hall. Not the ideal time for the FBI to turn up, but they do just as he is being chloroformed by his former colleague. Could things possibly get any worse for my new favourite character? Well yes, this is Hannibal after all. Chilton wakes up to discover that the FBI agents have fallen victim to horrendous kitchen 'accidents' and he, along with everything else in his house, is covered in bits of the FBI's finest. He is forced to run to the only person who will believe him, Will Graham. Who promptly shops him to Crawford. Thanks for that, Will.

Photo: Dr Chilton
Stop! Or My psychiatrist will shoot.
Poor Chilton is apprehended, questioned and then shot in the face by Miriam Lass. That last one is apparently not part of official FBI criminal procedure, seems to happen a lot on TV though. So, do we think, as we are lead to believe, that Chilton is dead and therefore Crawford is happy that the Ripper investigation is complete? I have a theory on this but it could constitute spoilers if I am right, so continue to read after the score out of ten at your own risk...

Underpinned by another excellent performance by Raul Esparza as the beleagured Dr Chilton, this was probably my favourite episode of the season so far. We had some classic Ripper kills reminiscent of Silence Of The Lambs, Will confronting both Hannibal and Alana plus Jack Crawford (he may be slow but he gets there in the end) beginning to finally catch on that Lecter may well be Hannibal the Cannibal. I cannot wait for the next episode, bring it on!



I sincerely doubt that Chilton is in fact dead. Let's face it, the man survived having virtually the entirety of his vital organs scooped out by Eddie Izzard in season one and came out of that with just a limp and one less kidney, a bullet to the face is just a flesh wound in comparison. I suspect that Chilton is alive and well and in witness protection as the noose closes around Hannibal's neck, but this is pure speculation on my part, it's just what I would do if I was writing the show.

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