TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 8 'Su-zakana'

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Zoe Butcher sits down to enjoy Hannibal's eighth course 'Su-zakana'...

Doctor Lecter picks up Will's therapy sessions where they left off and also gains a new (and somewhat familiar to Hannibal fans) patient along the way. Meanwhile on the outskirts of Baltimore someone is 'horsing around' with a dead body. Equine enthusiasts look away now...

So with last week's relatively serial killer free episode (excluding Hannibal) over and done with, this week we have a new potential inmate for the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Seriously that place is going to be needing an expansion pretty soon, oh yes and a new administrator come to think of it.

After the body of a dead woman is found sewn inside the uterus of a horse with a live starling (ho ho, a starling, we see what you did there Bryan Fuller) zipped up inside her ribcage to mimic a heartbeat, Will and Jack end up meeting a brain-damaged former stable-hand Peter who knows more about the murder than he is letting on.

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Well I'm not an obstetrician, but I'm pretty sure this isn't where babies come from
Although Will quickly ascertains that poor Peter isn't the intelligent psychopath they're looking for he's pretty sure that the stable-hand has a good idea who is, and is bloody terrified of them to boot. After some investigation it turns out that for the time being we're giving psychiatrists a rest as the preferred profession of serial killers, this week it's the turn of the evil social worker. Peter's social worker to be exact, who has a sideline in murdering young girls and burying them in a field.

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Thank you, Dr Lecter, but I'm well aware that I left my clothes hanger in my jacket.
Doctor Lecter, in between assisting in horse-related rebirths, has a new patient in the form of Margot Verger (Katharine Isabelle on note-perfect form as usual) who has been referred after attempting to kill her paedophile brother, Mason Verger. To say Hannibal's reaction to this is unorthodox for a psychiatrist is a bit like saying Will Graham's 'a little bit twitchy'. This is the start of a complicated relationship with the Verger family that runs right through Hannibal mythology, so it's worthwhile you paying close attention.

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That moment when you emerge from being sewn inside a dead horse's uterus by a crazy person
to find an even crazier one standing behind you...
Back at the stables, Peter find that his social worker has not taken being named as a multiple murderer very well and has responded by stealing all of Peter's pets and murdering his favourite horse with a hammer (I did warn equestrian sorts to avoid this episode). Peter decides to teach the horse-murderer a lesson, knocks him out and sews him up inside the dead horse. This course of events leads to the awesome line: 'Is your social worker inside that horse?'. Seriously, in what other TV show would you EVER hear that said? Evil social worker emerges a bit pissed off and gooey from said horse to discover the Chesapeake Ripper stroking a sheep (a quiet sheep, Bryan Fuller, we noticed that too) but it's an angry Will that very nearly pulls the trigger and Hannibal that stops him. Well I never.

Don't shoot him, he's covered in horse goo, and I just had this suit cleaned...
So is Will turning to the dark side, as Hannibal believes, or is he playing the long game? Whichever is the case it's making for another excellent series of this beautifully made TV show. Surely it can't get better than this?

As perfectly tailored as one of Hannibal's suits.


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