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Scream TV Series gets casting

Scream TV series is a go...

Book Review: Rex'd: Welcome to Scholomance

Haddonfielders we are now reviewing books as well! @lcfremont starts it off with with a review of the Jack Reher & J B Skelter's - Rex'd: Welcome to Scholomance

The Mummy rises for the umpteenth time

The Mummy no longer under wraps...

Lyle trailer gives chills

This trailer for Lyle layers on creep.

Frightfest's big guest lineup!


TV Review - Hannibal Season 2 'Mizumono' (Finale)

Zoe Butcher straps herself into a straitjacket, fastens her face-mask and prepares for the Hannibal season two finale 'Mizumono'...

My Favourite Final Girl – Sally Hardesty: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

@lcfremont prays at the alter of Sally Hardesty her favourite final girl...

Trailer for Miike film - As God Says

Battle Royale now has some competiton...

Rob Zombie's 31 - Concept Art

31 gets teased...

Movie Review: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Next Generation

@lcfremont takes you back to time before the Mcconaissance...The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Mad Max: Fury Road. Trailer. Enough Said.

Well this is epic...

Tusk trailer comes with laughs

Complusory body modification...

A new Horns trailer gets pointy

Damn right they're Horns!

See No Evil 2 trailer gets nasty

Jacob Goodnight is back!

Open the puzzle box again! Hellraiser returns...

Hellrasier returns in comic form!

Get the mop - the Septic Man trailer is here

The Septic Man is here!

The film previously called Home has a new poster

And it's pretty fricking sweet!

A Deep Dark hole in the wall?

Resisting the urge to make any gloryhole jokes...

Honeymoon now has a trailer

Honestly it doesn't seem like much of a Honeymoon...

Live-In Fear trailer is unsettling

The Live-In Fear trailer has a very creepy vibe to it...

TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 12 'Tome-Wan'

Zoe Butcher Tome-Wanders through the penultimate episode of Hannibal's second season...

Travel down the Devil's Mile

Drive the Devil's Mile...

Honeymoon poster spreads its roots

Sleepwalking in the woods, what can go wrong?

Movie Review: The Drownsman

@TigersMS78 reviews The Drownsman...

The Grizzly trailer is here!

Angry bear = dead people.

Another Ring film finds a director

Time to cover up your televisions...

Cybernatural tells us that sins last forever on the internet

Teens +'s a winning combination

Movie Review: Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 3

@MsLauraHall helps us celebrate TCM's 40th Anniversary year by reviewing a film far removed from anything the original created...

News: Horror Channel to celebrate FrightFest

Horror Channel’s film highlights for August are to include a celebration of the annual FrightFest event...

Film4 FrightFest 2014 – Programme Update

Frightfest re-schedules three films and adds another!

Annabelle now has a trailer

Annabelle doll trailer has a chucky feel about it.

Found Finds A Media Deal

The indie flick Found has been grabbed by XLrator media for US distribution

The Drownsman Trailer makes waves

Scared of water? You might be after this!

TV Review - Penny Dreadful Season 1 Ep 8 (Finale)

@blackadder345 hopes the finale is better than the sum of its parts...

Can we watch the Oujia trailer? Y-E-S

Didn't these kids watch The Exorcist? You don't mess about with oujia boards!

Take the plunge with The Midnight Swim

The Midnight Swim trailer has emerged...

TV Review - Penny Dreadful Season 1 Ep 7

@blackadder345 still doesn't like Penny Dreadful...

TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 11 'Ko No Mono'

Zoe Butcher peeks out from behind the sofa to recap the second season of Hannibal's eleventh course 'Ko No Mono'...

Movie Review - Life After Beth

@GarryArnot checks out 'Life After Beth'...

Daniel Radcliffe looks serious in Horns

No lack of Horns on the new teaser poster...

TV Review: Penny Dreadful Season 1 Ep 6

@blackadder345 thinks Penny Dreadful is living up to part of its title...

Songs inspired by horror films

Ever wondered if a hardcore punk band wrote a song about The Lost Boys... @TigersMS78 has

Housebound trailer escapes online

Home detention has never sucked this much...


Further to @RJBayley's review of Video Nasties, if you don't know the full story here is a fascinating look at censorship from our friends at Nucleus Films...

New NSFW trailer for Suburban Gothic

Excision (our review here) director Richard Bates Jr's new film Suburban Gothic has itself a new trailer.

Frightfest screening twenty short films!

Film4 FrightFest will be screening a record twenty short films...

Movie Review - Video Nasties: Draconian Days

@RJBayley gets nasty...well he reviews Video Nasties: Draconian Days

Movie Review: Bunnyman Massacre

@lcfremont has a love/hate relationship with the Bunnyman Massacre...

Crowdfunding News - #FILLTheVOID

#FILLTheVOID The IndieGoGo fund-raising campaign starts in two weeks...

Jamie Marks Is Dead gets poster

Jamie Marks is dead...and there is a poster to prove it!