TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 10 'Naka-Choko'

Zoe Butcher gingerly nibbles on Hannibal's tenth course 'Naka-Choko'...

Will and Hannibal stage a crime scene for Crawford to freak out over, Mason Verger steps up his intimidation of sister Margot and Freddie Lounds is dicing with death as she pursues the Chesapeake Ripper...

After last week's episode wherein Hannibal sent one of his pet psychos to have a go at offing Will (one of his other pet psychos) you would think relations between psychiatrist and patient would be a little frosty. That does appear to be the case when the opening dream sequence (yes, another one) depicts Will murdering Hannibal (again) with some added moose action thrown in for good measure. After a few pointed remarks however (thankfully they went for the phrase 'even Steven' rather than the overused 'quid pro quo') we're on to some 'hand porn' where Hannibal gently washes the blood off Will's hands. Metaphorical overload and Tumblr meltdown ensues.

Will reacts badly to Hannibal's admission that he's run out of Hello Kitty plasters...
So Will and Hannibal have a body to dispose of and, clearly fearing that poor Jack Crawford hasn't had a majorly fucked up corpse to deal with recently, decide to fillet the dead guy and arrange bits of him the natural history museum. This also gives the gruesome twosome a chance to analyse their own crime scene and gives Hannibal the chance to gloat behind everyone's backs (for like the hundredth time).

A dead body on my dining table? Subtle Will, real fucking subtle...
Meanwhile, in between disposing of dead people, Will has to meet up with the insufferable Freddie Lounds who is writing a book about him. Well the book is supposed to be about him but it seems that she's none too convinced about Chilton being the Chesapeake Ripper and she's asking far too many questions about Hannibal. That can't be good, for her or for him.

Fratricide, not always a bad idea.
If you thought Hannibal was bad enough, this week we get to meet Margot Verger's paedophilic, tear-drinking, pig-obsessed brother Mason. Played with utter perfection by Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) this guy makes Hannibal look positively dull in the mental health stakes. For reasons best known to himself (and detailed in the book 'Hannibal') he's decided to create a new breed of pig and train them to eat live people. As you do. Ominously for Margot, the dummy he uses to train the pigs is dressed in her clothes. And you were wondering why she tried to kill him.

Let me show you my etchings...
So carnivorous pigs and tear-drinking weirdos, surely things can't get any weirder.....oh there's Hannibal seducing Alana with a theremin and a Will/Hannibal/Alana threesome. Excuse me while my brain implodes. OK, technically it's an imaginary threesome, but it's disturbing nonetheless. It's actually two separate sex scenes - Alana shagging a serial killing cannibal and Will with Margot (who has declared herself a lesbian) who has been manipulated by Hannibal into trying to produce a Verger heir. So completely normal then.

Freddie loved what Will had done with his barn conversion...
Meanwhile Freddie continues her unwise investigation into Hannibal and makes the error of mentioning her suspicions to Alana, who promptly tells Will and Hannibal: cue Hannibal donning the plastic mac of dismemberment and waiting for Freddie in her hotel room. Luckily (probably) for Freddie, she's off at Will's place exploring his delightful barn conversion, which comes complete with creepy mechanical bear suit and freezer full of psychopath innards. An unexpected appearance by Will leads to a chase across the snow and Freddie screaming down the phone at Jack Crawford as Will drags her from her car.

Ugh, this human jawbone is totally past its use by date
Will then turns up at Hannibal's for dinner with some meat from a 'slim and delicate pig' for Hannibal to cook. Hannibal's best line of the episode? 'You slice the ginger'. Nice, we see what you did there.

So is the tabloid journalist no more? Or is Will playing the long game to trap Hannibal. I know, but I won't spoil it for you here. Whatever the answer, with three episodes left to go, there's going to be a reckoning of some sort or another, and it's going to be carnage.

Not quite the perfection we're used to, and I could have done without the threesome from hell, but the Vergers stole the show for me.


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