TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 11 'Ko No Mono'

Zoe Butcher peeks out from behind the sofa to recap the second season of Hannibal's eleventh course 'Ko No Mono'...

Alana becomes increasingly concerned that Hannibal has encouraged Will to kill Freddie Lounds. Meanwhile chez Verger, Hannibal's manipulations are taking effect. This should be fun. Well, maybe fun isn't the right word...

The now traditional 'pre-credits fucked up Will nightmare' sequence features Will being reborn via a moose uterus while the creepy Hannibal wendigo watches from the sidelines. Personally I'm looking forward to the pre-credits sequence where Will finds himself stark bollock naked in front of his work colleagues. As are the rest of the female population.

Hannibal and Will
Will: Who are we having for dinner tonight?
Hannibal: It's just us Will.
Will: You know perfectly well that's not what I meant.
Hannibal: Hehehehe
Some familiar music accompanies Hannibal and Will's intimate dinner for two as Hannibal takes a break from puréed people to serve up something far less unpleasant....Songbirds drowned alive in armagnac brandy and consumed whole by the diner, bones and all. OK, so I was lying about the less unpleasant bit. Watching Will swallowing a dead bird is right there with the most disgusting things I've seen in this show, and as you will know that's up against some stiff opposition (Will/Alana/Hannibal threesome, I'm looking at you). This blue-tit buffet is to celebrate Will's transition to the dark side in killing Freddie Lounds (if you believe he has, which we don't - because we're not idiots). 

Alana and Will
Don't get all snotty with me, woman. You're the one boffing a cannibal.
Speaking of the possibly dead ginger one, we had a nice nod to Red Dragon with the supposed corpse of the journalist (set alight and strapped in a wheelchair, obviously), careering down the ramp into the Tattlecrime office car park and landing conveniently in her car parking space. So that's something that probably won't be happening when they tackle Red Dragon in a future season then. Francis Dollarhyde is going to have to think up some other horrendously exhibitionist way to dispose of his corpses. Bummer for him. 

After dental records 'confirm' that the body is indeed Freddie, Will and Alana get to snipe at each other during her funeral. Honestly, if there's a character in the running to beat Crawford to the 'most fucking useless at their supposed job' trophy, it's going to be Alana. Grow a brain woman, seriously. This character started off as an intelligent and talented psychologist but her hookup with Hannibal this season has reduced her IQ to some sort of citrus fruit. Strong female characters - where are you?

Hannibal and Alana
Darling, if I was a cannibalistic serial killer I'd tell you, I promise.
Oh look, here's a strong female character, Margot Verger. Having successfully managed to take matters into her own hands and trick Will into getting her pregnant (strong, not necessarily moral), she's feeling pretty damn pleased with herself, that is until brother Mason realises what's happening. Uh oh. Having put the idea in Margot's head to get an heir in the first place, Hannibal switches teams and manipulates Mason into dealing with the problem. By dealing with the problem I of course mean getting a henchman to crash into her car and then having surgeons remove her entire reproductive system. No half measures for Mason apparently.

Hannibal Lecter
Mason Verger: So crazy, even Hannibal Lecter gets a migraine from talking to him
Hannibal's therapy session with Mason was probably the highlight of this episode for me. Watching Hannibal's subtle, sociopathic brand of crazy faced with Mason's in your face batshit insane version was highly entertaining. Also note Hannibal's reaction to Mason mucking up his perfect psychiatrist's couch, just fabulous from Mads Mikkelsen here. As a side note, if you're thinking at this point 'oh, that Mason Verger, he's not that bad', then just rewind to the part where he reduces a young foster-child to tears by telling him he can never go home, then promptly soaks up said tears so he can drink them later. OK, he's a bastard, got that now?

Hannibal & Mason
Look, I murder people and eat them and even I'M creeped the fuck out by you.
We end the episode with two scenes of high drama (and carnivorous pig-threats) as Will, angry that Mason has aborted his baby and mutilated Margot, goes to yell at him and wave a gun around, but he doesn't kill him. Why not, you might ask, I mean we are supposed to believe that he killed Freddie last week. Well he doesn't kill Mason because he knows that's what Hannibal wants him to do, instead he explains to Mason that Hannibal is the one who needs to be fed to the pigs (it's like he's been reading the books or something...).

Hannibal & Mason
You can't kill me yet, I've got plot armour!
Then we, and Alana Bloom, get confirmation of what we all (hopefully all) suspected: that Will did not kill Freddie Lounds, it is all part of an elaborate plan cooked up by Will and Jack to trap Hannibal. Poor Alana, we've all had dodgy boyfriends in the past but being someone who specialises in psychoanalysing people then dating the most notorious serial killer in world history is really going to take some beating. Someone hand that woman some ice cream and chocolate - stat!

Another brilliant episode from the Hannibal team. The acting is superb on all counts with special mention this week going to Michael Pitt and Mads Mikkelsen. Only two episodes left this series and the tension is building as the noose is tightening around Hannibal's neck. Or is it....


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