TV Review - Hannibal Season 2, Episode 12 'Tome-Wan'

Zoe Butcher Tome-Wanders through the penultimate episode of Hannibal's second season...

Crawford is getting increasingly frustrated with Will's lack of results in the Lecter investigation. Meanwhile at the Verger estate, Mason is plotting pig-centric revenge on the good doctor. I'm sure that's all going to go exactly as planned....

We begin this episode with a Hannibal's thesis on rude people, which should be familiar to fans of the character. Basically if you're going to eat someone, eat a rude person - it's your civic duty. Someone needs to get Lecter to replace Graham on Jeremy Kyle, imagine the fun!

Will meanwhile is going a bit Hamlet on us. Despite his frequent Hannibal-murdering fantasies (we get another one this week in lieu of a pre-credits fucked up dream sequence - nice arterial spray!) when he gets the chance to end his psychiatrist once and for all, he doesn't take it. Maybe Will isn't so in control of Hannibal's influence over him after all.

Is this Chianti? It's Chianti isn't it?
Will may be dithering about wondering which side he's on, Mason Verger on the other hand is absolutely certain that he wants Hannibal dead. After last week's manipulations Mason is on the warpath and attends his latest therapy session complete with his daddy's knife, which he waves about at the sociopathic shrink (Hannibal is unmoved) and then jams it into the beautiful mahogany chair (Hannibal looks a hair's breadth from leaping over the room and eating Mason raw). Unfortunately as much as Hannibal would like to kill Mason (or have Will kill Mason) he knows that doing so would leave the lovely Margot destitute. Bugger.

Hannibal turns the other cheek (into a selection of Hors d'Oeuvres probably)
Back at 'People Who Are Crap At Their Jobs' HQ, Jack Crawford is none too impressed with Will Graham's detective skills (which is a bit like the England football team dissing the Brazil team in my opinion). Having failed to get Hannibal to admit to killing people and eating them, Will has decided to step it up and have Hannibal attack Mason and then arrest him. Yah right, that's gonna work. Jack isn't too convinced either so he rolls out plan B, or Dr Du Maurier as she is otherwise known. Yay! Gillian Anderson is back. It seems Crawford has tracked down the errant shrink and given her immunity from prosecution in return for her revealing who really killed her violent patient. Oh, she actually killed him, better luck next time Jack.

Quite honestly I preferred it when we were eating people, Hannibal. Fish in animal bone jelly? What the actual fuck.
Having successfully had the shit scared out of him by Du Maurier's assertion that Will is about as capable of manipulating Hannibal as Bryan Fuller is of avoiding moose innuendo, Crawford decides to join Hannibal for dinner. Uh, OK Jack - what the hell? Luckily for Jack (sort of) Hannibal's serving the most revolting fish-based meal I have ever seen. I know Jack has to keep up the pretence of being Hannibal's friend but can't he just pop round when it isn't mealtime?

Speaking of mealtime, we had a nice crossover to Will feeding his dogs something which looked remarkably similar to Hannibal's gourmet offering. Hmm, Will's dogs are getting reintroduced, I wonder if that's for any particular reason...

Hannibal's little known audition for the role of Iron Man.
Mason's plan to kill Hannibal involves getting the Sardinian pig-dudes (you know, the ones from the book) to kidnap the good doctor (hint: one of them doesn't survive Hannibal's mad ninja skills) string him up over the pig maze (who doesn't have a pig maze in their garden) and get Will to slit his throat. Oh Mason, you were doing so well up until the point you included Will in your plan. Will, instead of killing Hannibal and consigning him to becoming pig-mush opts instead to slice the doctor free, getting himself knocked out in the ensuing fracas. Upon waking up, everyone is dead and Mason has disappeared with Hannibal. Uh Oh.

And while you're at it, give yourself a bloody haircut, you scruffy bastard
Poor Will, you know how it is, you've had a hard day (kidnapped, chickened out of killing your nemesis, knocked unconscious) and you return home to find a rich pig-farmer, high on mushrooms, cutting his face off and feeding it to your dogs in your kitchen whilst your nemesis watches. Yep, it's time for the bit we've been waiting for ever since Mason Verger oozed his creepy way onto our screens this season. It's also by far the most disgusting and well-shot scene this series has produced. Only for the strong-stomached this bit. Yuck.

Don't. Do. Drugs.
After a quick surgical neck-snap (bad luck Will, Hannibal still hasn't killed anyone in your presence - turning someone into a paraplegic doesn't count as a crime in Hannibal world apparently) the Verger threat is dealth with, Margot is saved and Will and Jack are back to square one. Will takes the drastic step of throwing his boss out as the bait when he suggests that it's time Hannibal introduced Crawford to the Chesapeake Ripper. Next week brings a totally different type of Face/Off (sorry, but I couldn't resist). Bring on the finale!

A brilliant standout episode from this awesome show. Perfect performances from all involved and enough gore to satisfy the most ardent horror fan. What's not to love?


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