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SEQUELS WEEK: The Good - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

SEQUELS WEEK And so we conclude Sequels Week with a look back at... The Good - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

WARNING: Mild spoilers throughout but honestly if you haven’t seen this already then what the hell? Stop reading and go and watch it – like now.
After a less than stellar and baffling follow up to Nightmare On Elm Street, Wes Craven returns to write (with the help of Bruce Wagner, Chuck Russell – who also directs the film - and a guy called Frank Darabont!) to try and bring the   franchise back on track. Choosing wisely to ignore the goings on in NMOES 2, this film both brought back some of the old cast whilst adding some very cool ideas and adding layers to the origin story of Freddy Kruger.
Basically the story kicks off some six years after the original, this time though it’s the dreams of Kristen Parker (Patricia Arquette) that we are first thrown into. Right off the bat Dream Warriors is scary; scarier than the original? Perhaps not but it isn’t too far away and t…

Trailer for REC 4: Apocalypse

The REC series reaches number 4...

Movie Review: Wolfcop

@sjdavis1982 gives his verdict on WolfCop...

The Devil's Hand gets busy gotta love 'em...

POV Possession!

Step into this possessed body...

House of Manson trailer

This will be unpleasant...

Let's get NSFW with As Above, So Below

Things start getting nasty...

Movie Review: Apocalyptic

@RJBayley drinks the kool-aid and reviews Apocalyptic...

Movie Review: Green Inferno

Gracing Film 4's Frightfest, here's Scott Davis' verdict on Eli Roth's The Green Inferno...

You only enter once...The Pyramid

Don't disturb the tombs...

Images come Out of the Dark

Somethings are creepy in South America...

More bigfoot madness!

New trailer for Exists shows up, bigfoot gets another found footage flick.

Movie Review: Monster Brawl

@TigersMS78 comes off the top turnbuckle...

Let's go back to Amityville.......again

New Amityville: The Awakening trailer tells you to kill

Find a way out with The Captive

Armistice (aka The Captive) promises inhuman grotesque monsters!

Woman in Black: Angel of Death trailer

Does a ridiculously long title mean a scary film?

The trailer for As Above, So Below

Don't go into the Paris underground, ok?

UK trailer for Annabelle

Freaky, freaky doll.

Marriage - it's scary.

Do you trust your partner?

Krampus and Spectral release dates!

Release dates ahoy!

A Fine Line Between Horror films and Horrific films.

@Lcfremont embarks on an epic rant

The dark and light of HORNS.

Some pretty cool posters have come our way...

Plague World - Competiton! Free stuff!

Ok folks....time to start winning.

Book News - Plague World

Exciting horror book news from our friends at Titan Books.

The first 5 minutes of SONNO PROFONDO!

Giallo Is Back!

Shortcuts to Hell 2 Film Competition Announces Finalists to Face Public Vote

It's time to get voting...

X Moor ups the terror and body count!

Don't go anywhere near the Moors...

Elijah Wood gets 'net pervy

The Open Windows trailer lets you peek inside...


Slashermania? Count. Me. In.

WER you going to watch this?

Werewolves are back...again!

The Editor Poster/Trailer - Uncut!

Feast your (adult) eyes!

Sledge hits with this trailer

Sledge trailer is pretty blunt...

Movie Review: Pieces of Talent

@lcfremont wants even more pieces...

The Well Is Dry

@TigersMS78 goes on a ranting bender...

Sinister 2 gets casting

Sinister 2 gets underway next week...

Leatherface: The Wonder Years

Texas Chain Saw: 90210...

Grab your broomstick

Beware the children...

Christmas in August?

This santa aint nice.

Book News - Nyctophobia

Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler is out in October from our friends at Solaris Books and so here is why some doors should never be opened...

Take a ride down The Canal

The trailer for The Canal looks excellent...

Find your Pieces of Talent

With our review coming soon - here is some information on Pieces of Talent...

Promise to watch The Pact II trailer

I have a message for you...

Movie Review: Killer Legends

@TigersMS78 takes a gander at Killer Legends...

Principal Photography Begins on Hunter's Moon

And will be shot on the World’s First 4K Full-Frame Camera

50ft Cheerleaders!

Trailer for the enlarged pep-machine is here!

Annabelle's first image a selfie?

Well it kinda looks like a selfie...

The Green Inferno delayed?


Only The Remaining get to watch this trailer

So here come the rapture based horror flicks and Kirk Cameron is nowhere in sight.

Poltergist remake release date rises

The Poltergist remake has a date...

The cold Black Mountain Side

The atmospheric trailer for Black Mountain Side is here...