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Annabelle clip - You can't just take souls...

Annabelle Clip...

A Good Marriage deserves some images

A Good Marriage stills...

A monster in the woods?

Dark was the Night trailer...

UK TV spot for Horns

Daniel Radcliffe gets very devilish...

Books News - New Hallowe'en Titles from Titan Books

Titan Books have announced some new titles for Hallowe'en, so it must be time to start the Holiday Shopping ...

EC Comic T-Shirts? Just take my money

EC Comics and Frightrags team up for a great T-Shirt idea...

Go inside the Scarehouse

The Scarehouse trailer and details...

Dracula Untold gives you two new clips

Two new clips for Dracula Untold...

Patient Zero spreads to infect another cast member

Patient Zero casting news...

:Let Us Prey trailer gets bloody

Let Us Prey trailer...

These days you just gotta have an origins story...

Leprechaun Origins trailer...

Zombeavers. Yep Zombeavers.

Zombeavers Trailer...

Death to reality TV

L.A Slasher trailer...

No Xenomorphs says Ridley Scott

Prometheus 2 News...

Phobia trailer warns us of the evil inside

Phobia trailer...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies adds hated Queen

P&P&Z adds cast...

Ouija gets a UK trailer

Ouija UK trailer

Interview with Tricia Lee - Director of Silent Retreat

Interview with Tricia Lee

Who's the Final Girl: Insidious 2

@fkmuse is back and is still playing games...

Say goodnight to mother...

GoodNight Mommy (Ich Seh, Ich Seh) trailer...

Movie Review: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

@RJBayley helps us celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a review of the original, relentless nightmare - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre...

Insidious' 3rd chapter gets a text heavy poster

Poster for Insidious 3

Delay! Delay! For two films

Amityville: The Awakening & Demonic delayed

My Favourite Final Girl - Sam: Antisocial

@rjbayley looks at AntiSocial's final girl Sam and piles up the praise...

Movie Review: Raven's Cabin

@opiniongeeks gets the keys to Raven's Cabin...

Crank up the VCR's - V/H/S: Viral has a NSFW trailer

V/H/S: Viral trailer

Whoa - The Most NSFW Thing Ever

American Guinea Pig series trailer

Even More Paranormal Activity!

Paranormal Activity release date news

Dementamania first trailer

Dementamania trailer

Two New Jessabelle Images

Jessabelle Images & trailer

Skull Island gets two new crew

Skull Island Gets Lead Actor and Director

Found Footage. Possession. Deborah Logan. NSFW.

The Taking of Deborah Logan trailer

I Know What You Last remade

I Know What You Did Last Summer remake...

Movie Review - I Saw The Devil

In light of the news that there is a remake in the works, here @TigersMS78 takes a look at the original Korean revenge masterpiece...

I Saw The Devil remake news

I Saw The Devil Remake...

Wolf Creek 2 on DVD

Mick's back!

Even more Dracula Untold! New clip & poster

Dracula Untold Clip & Poster

Movie Review: What We Do in the Shadows

@TigersMS78 watches the vamps and reviews What We Do in the Shadows

New Tusk Poster Looms

New Tusk Poster

You wanna come out and play?

The Houses October Built trailer

My favourite Final Girl - Sarah: The Descent

@TigersMS78 put forth his favourite Final Girl...Sarah from The Descent

It's probin' time!

Extraterrestrial trailer

Candyman - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on vinyl

Candyman soundtrack limited editions

It's a bug's life...feasting on your flesh

Creeping Crawling trailer

Ninja Apocalypse - Two great words put together.

Ninja Apocalypse Trailer

Town that Dreaded Sundown rides again

Town That Dreaded Sundown trailer

Yet to be released Cooties gets a new ending

Elijah Wood on new Cooties ending...

Book Review: The Country Club

@MsLauraHall goes inside the club...

Blood Reservoir reunites classic slasher cast

Blood Reservoir trailer is here

Blackburn trailer throws in a bit of everything

Blackburn teaser trailer is here.