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Zombeavers. Yep Zombeavers.

Death to reality TV

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Say goodnight to mother...

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Delay! Delay! For two films

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Found Footage. Possession. Deborah Logan. NSFW.

I Know What You Last remade

Movie Review - I Saw The Devil

I Saw The Devil remake news

Wolf Creek 2 on DVD

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You wanna come out and play?

My favourite Final Girl - Sarah: The Descent

It's probin' time!

Candyman - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on vinyl

It's a bug's life...feasting on your flesh

Ninja Apocalypse - Two great words put together.

Town that Dreaded Sundown rides again

Yet to be released Cooties gets a new ending

Book Review: The Country Club

Blood Reservoir reunites classic slasher cast

Blackburn trailer throws in a bit of everything