French Thriller Fever Comes out on DVD in May


Check out the details on Fever and watch the trailer below. The release date is the 24th May (USA).

From The Press Release

Called "Intruiging and intellegent...chilling" by The New York Times, the riveting French psychological thrille Fever centers on two teenagers who unaccountably kill a random woman and seemingly get away with it. The drama marks the directorial debut of photographer RaphaĆ«l Neal, stars two mesmerizing performances from young actors Pierre Moure and Martin Loizillon and features a soundtrack from French pop singer Camille.

Loosely based on the Leopold and Loeb true-life crime, two philosophy students kill a young woman they just met, There was no motive and as time wears on the two realize they may have literally gotten away with murder. But slowly their murderous act begins to affect the young men in dramatically different ways.

Artsploitation’s president Raymond Murray says, “Fever is a startling film. Rather than go for a standard and violent tale of amoral teens who kill, director Neal goes instead for a subtle psychological approach, one that that produces an intense, disquieting but exhilarating film experience.”

Image courtesy of Artsploitation Films