TV Recap: Outcast S1 E5 - The Road Before Us

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After a week off, Outcast returns with it’s special brand of solemn, creepy dramatic wonderfulness. Last episode, Kyle left us with the question of whether or not his estranged wife might still be afflicted with a demon, much the same way good ol’ Mildred is. This compels him to sit outside of her house like a stalker and ask his sister to help him get in touch with her. Reverend Anderson thinks it’s a terrible idea because Allison has given no indication that she’s still possessed, but Kyle is quick to point out the reverend’s mistake with Mildred. Ouch.

Kyle and Reverend Anderson decide to set out and revisit past exorcism cases to see how they’re doing. After an especially bad visit with one gentleman where we realize he is definitely still possessed, Kyle is even more determined to see Allison and Reverend Anderson decides to do his own checking in on people.

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Chief pays a visit to our now suspect Fire Chief Ogden and starts asking questions about the fire at the serial killer camper. This cat and mouse game between the two of them is escalating in such a great way. Just when the tension feels like it’s going to strangle you, the Chief cuts it with a sarcastic comment. Even after an emotionally bald plea, appealing to their long history of friendship, Ogden still won’t admit to knowing anything about that camper in the woods. This only makes him look more suspicious, but of what? Does this have anything to do with all of the demonic stuff happening in town or is this a whole other Laura Palmer-esque storyline?

Megan pays a visit to Allison to check on her and we learn that Allison is missing pieces of her memory. Days that she can’t access and she doesn’t know if something is purposely getting in the way to keep her from the truth. Allison is clearly having a hard time, but is it her or is it her daughter that is still possessed? Sure, kids are going to act out when there are family problems, but Amber is being a jerkface of the first order. That stunt with the red paint would make even the Dalai Lama lose patience. Currently, my money is on the demon residing in her.

Sidney pays a visit to Mildred and they have a funny back and forth conversation. Mildred then complains that she won’t , “survive to the merge.” Um, what? What merge? Now we’re starting to get into the meat of why all of these demons are laying in wait inside of people. And not a takeover, but a merge? Interesting.

More interesting still is when Kyle and the reverend find the girl they’re looking for and she tells Kyle, “You’re the key. We need you alive.” What do you mean we? Who’s we? “The nameless, the numberless, we see you through the veil. We come to you and you lead us here.” As Keanu would say, “WHOA!” So, Kyle is both a blessing and a curse? He can successfully exorcise the demons, but he’s also what is drawing them to Rome? Just like Kyle’s mother, this young lady ends up in a coma after Kyle expels the demon. What is all of this about? The why of this causes a spat between Kyle and the reverend. If you’ll remember, pride is Reverend Anderson’s favorite sin and he’s got it bad right now. Pride and hubris, my friends, pride and hubris always takes you down. Will we never learn from Walter White?
Seeing Allison waiting for Kyle was like a beacon of hope in an otherwise grim episode. This is a woman who is really struggling with what actually happened in her home and not knowing what to believe. She pleads with him to tell her what really happened, but he can’t do it. Why, Kyle, why?! Just tell her! She trusts you and she loves you and she just wants to understand what happened. I’m truly pulling for these two to work things out.

As the show expertly teases out emotional reasons for us to side with different characters, it also brings up more questions and I simply can’t get enough of it. 


The flashback to Allison waking up in the hospital and insisting that Kyle would never hurt her or Allison was informative. And heartbreaking.
I’m intrigued by the notion that Mildred was compelled to collect things after the demon began residing within her.

I enjoyed Allison telling Kyle that he apologizes for things that aren't even his fault, to which Kyle responds, “I’m sorry”.

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