TV Recap: Outcast S1 E7 - The Damage Done

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Last week I complained that the episode was a little slow, but they have certainly made up for that this week.

As Reverend Anderson cleans up after Sidney’s unexpected and decidedly unfriendly visit, he’s interrupted by the Chief reminding him that it’s time for the poker game. Having never missed a card game in fifteen years, Chief asks what’s going on with the exorcism business. Why the reverend didn’t take this opportunity to confide in his friend is beyond me, but maybe he should have. It may have saved him from some truly unfortunate behavior the next day at the Remembrance Day celebration.

Instead, Chief has had it with Ogden and really starts needling him about that damn burned down camper. This causes a kerfluffle and leads to the reverend having to tell Chief about the incident with Sidney. Reverend Anderson does not want Sidney in jail because he believes that he must have some kind of power over him. Why else would Sidney threaten him? Again, the good reverend’s pride seems to be taking the wheel.

After throwing down the gauntlet with Sidney at the barber shop, the reverend then goes on to speak at Remembrance Day and it gets a little uncomfortable. Not as uncomfortable as it’s about to get after the new statue is revealed and it has been desecrated by a red pentagram. Reverend Anderson loses his shit and starts walking around preaching fire and brimstone about demons and black clouds. He then points out Sidney and exposes him for being the man who carved a pentagram on him. Well, you know and I know that Reverend Anderson is telling the truth, but he just looks like a certified wackadoo to the townspeople. Kyle kindly points this out to him. Let’s hope the reverend was really listening.

A flashback sequence shows us that Kyle has had the power to suss out possessed people for quite some time now:he just didn’t know it. Well, now that Chief knows it, he takes him out to the burned down camper to see if Kyle senses anything. He doesn’t, but Chief sees a man who is trying to clear his name, “wipe a stain off himself”. Chief believes there’s a stain on the town and it’s getting worse. He convinces Kyle to shake hands with Ogden in an attempt to prove that these is something possessing Ogden, but it’s Ogden’s wife that is possessed. (Just like I guessed a few recaps ago.)

Meanwhile, Megan has a serious decision to make about Donnie Hamel and she, inexplicably, decides to give him her family’s money. All of it. This proves to be a poor decision because Donnie has pressed charges and now the video of Mark beating the crap out of him is known. This leads to a truly sad moment between Megan and Mark. She has kept this Donnie trauma all locked up and to herself and not thought about how that would make her husband feel. Of course his natural inclination is to want to protect her, whether she feels she needs it or not, and seeing her finally break down and scream about how Donnie raped her really got me in the feels. Girl, you can only be so strong for so long before it becomes a liability rather than a badge of honor.

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Amber is hiding in her closet, not wanting to spend time with her mother and doesn’t finish a drawing of her mom because she, “doesn’t know which face to draw.” Allison begins to have flashbacks to what went down in their house and she’s definitely the one who was possessed by a demon. After finding a creepy drawing in Amber’s closet, it all comes back to her and she then decides to wait at Kyle’s house.

This is when Kyle learns that Amber saw the demon in her mother and she claims that it left, but this brings up all kinds of new questions. Does Amber have the same gift as Kyle? Did she really see the demon leave? If the demon left, why does Allison still seem unlike herself? Well, I suppose we won’t know the answer to that anytime soon because Allison is gone. After a touching reunion with Kyle, she has run off and asked Kyle to take care of their daughter.

Everyone has some serious issues going on against the backdrop of a town that is infected with something. How many people in town have a demon inside of them? What is this merge that is supposed to happen? If my calculations are correct, we only have four episodes left this season.  In Robert Kirkman’s world this either means we have a lot of story coming our way or he will torture us with two episodes of not much at all.


I really enjoy the Chief. His gruff demeanor hides a much more open minded and complex human being than he would like to let on.

I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Ogden says that for his sake and for the Chief’s sake, he needs to look the other way on that camper. But why?!

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