Recap: Outcast - S1 E9 - Close to Home

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Oy vey. The patented Robert Kirkman penultimate episode. If you’re a Walking Dead fan, then you know that more often than not, the second to last episode of a season can be wrought with a whole lot of nothing.

This episode opens with the Ogdens leaving town which is mildly surprising because shouldn’t Kat be waiting for the merge? That’s ok, because Sidney finds her and gives her a job. We don’t yet know what her job is, but it will be taking place in a creepy basement that has a bunch of mannequins in it.
Kyle asks for Megan’s help with making Amber feel a bit more normal while he goes off to find Allison. Amber knows that’s what he’s doing and she doesn’t approve, and really, who can blame her? Her mom tried to strangle her and then black, oily stuff came out of her mouth.

Kyle also manages to get Mark to help him out and they go investigate Alison’s home. Mark is a humbled man after his Donnie Hamel incident and it’s nice to see him and Kyle work together. They’re both just men trying to keep their families together. As Kyle packs Amber’s bag, he finds her scary drawing in the closet and it’s heartbreaking to know that she has suffered the same childhood trauma that Kyle did. While at the house, Alison’s mom shows up and he learns where Alison has been hiding after making it very clear that all he wants is for her to be normal and real again. Miss Alison has checked herself into a mental facility. This all feels very The Ring and you have to wonder why she thinks she will find solace from demons in a mental institution.

Although Kyle pleads his case and explains that he knows what is going on and he can help her, Alison simply refuses to believe this and she begs him to be the one to raise Amber and just leave her behind. Kyle has suffered so much heartache and it kind of kills me to see him lose his wife yet again.
It’s a real good thing that Mark has his family’s best interests at heart because Megan is pregnant. Initially, it seems like exceptionally poor timing, but the two of them end up being elated about a new addition and it seems as though everything might start looking up for them.

Reverend Anderson is licking his wounds at Patricia’s house, but his pride is still bruised and he is not about to back down from Sidney and the church. At this point, watching the reverend always fall for Sidney’s provocations has become exasperating, but punching the devil in the face made it worth it for him. Like a dog with a bone, Reverend Anderson goes skulking around Sidney’s house only to be surprised by the presence of Aaron. Aaron is a real dick and he manages to get the reverend kicked out of Patricia’s house and delivers a message from Sidney. “You’re too late to stop him.” Stop what? Very good question reverend, very good question.

Just when you start feeling deflated about the seeming lack of action in the episode, our beloved Megan suffers a truly poorly timed phenomena: she becomes possessed. And Mark is her first casualty. As the reverend tells Kyle he’s jealous of his gift, Kyle disagrees that it’s a gift and it’s truly serendipitous that this is when he receives a call from Amber. This poor little girl is going through this possession crap again! And what about Kyle? Now he’s going to have to contend with his sister and protect his daughter and niece from her.

Well, what’s it going to be TV Babies? Will the merge happen next week? Will Kyle be able to save Megan? If you’re pregnant and possessed, is the baby possessed as well? Will Reverend Anderson be more harm than help when all of this goes down? Most importantly, how many of these questions will be answered?


Why is there a seeming abundance of abandoned mannequin factories just waiting for creepy things to happen?

And why is the weather outside of mental institutions always blustery and ominous?

Aaron is so annoying. Like, “Carl, get in the house!” annoying.

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