We Are The Flesh trailer

we are the flesh poster

We Are The Flesh...

Check out the trailer for We Are The Flesh. Playing as part of Frightfest 2016.

The film stars Noe Hernandez, Maria Evoli, Diego Gamaliel. Emiliano Rocha Minter directs.

A brother and sister escape humanity’s insanity in search of a better world, their wanderings unwittingly leading them into a dilapidated building inhabited by a modern-day ogre. Trapped in this hall of madness, the newcomers must submit to the rules of this Caligula-like being who claims to be immortal. Their very survival depends on their blind obedience to the master of the house. They must eat his food, wear his clothes and especially, enact his dangerously perverted fantasies. Far from prying eyes, this guru of the flesh pushes them to explore the dark side of our puritan society’s taboos. S&M, incest, cannibalism, nothing is off limits during his sessions, all mystic rituals with the same goal in mind: to reach transcendence through orgasm. Playing with dark magic, however, has disastrous consequences for the unlikely trio and it’s only a matter of time before their ultimate sacrifice takes on apocalyptic proportions.

Image: IMDb