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Last week, we learned quite a bit about the history of the farmhouse and this week we learn a lot about the spirits inhabiting the land. Seeing as this is only the third episode, it appears that this reality show format they chose allows for quite a bit of story to happen each week.

As Lee, Matt and Shelby search for Flora, they come upon Flora’s doll, but the doll now has a pig’s head and leg. A hundred yards from the doll, they find a deserted farm and In the barn they find two feral children suckling on the teats of a pig. It appears the Polk family left in a hurry and left these two kids who only know one word: Croatoan. I wonder how these children will figure into the story later on.

After a boring bit where Mason accuses Lee of hiding Flora and we are submitted to some seriously lame dramatic acting, our fearless three go to see a body. Unfortunately, this crucified and burned body turns out to be Mason:dude who was last seen hitting Lee and storming out of the house. Suspiciously, Matt’s surveillance cameras caught Lee leaving the house after her altercation with Mason and then returning four hours later. Sure, this is enough time to kill someone, but is Lee really strong enough to take out a man bigger than her, string him up onto an elaborate display and set him on fire? I know we’re talking about Angela Bassett, but let’s be real. It’s those damn ghosts who have been watching too much reality television and they’re the ones setting Lee up as a red herring.

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Matt starts growing some brain cells and proposes that, perhaps, someone doesn’t want them there and maybe they should leave. Really, Matt? You’re just now gleaning this tidbit? Anyway…the lovely Leslie Jordan magically appears. Wearing a wig from the Golden Girls collection, dressed in all black and carrying a fierce handbag, this is Cricket Marlow. He was sitting in his home in the uptown district of New Orleans, having a Cafe Du Monde beignet when a spirit told him to come help find Flora. If you’ll remember, Leslie Jordan appeared in Coven as Quentin Fleming and New Orleans is where Coven took place. Also, there is much chatter that Shelby may be a witch and it’s beginning to look increasingly clear that Lady Gaga’s character has some special, other worldly talents. Are these all connections to Coven?

Cricket comes in like Tangina in Poltergeist and learns that Flora is with Priscilla, so everyone decides to hold a seance. Directed by Jennifer Lynch, this seance is both beautiful and creepy. Although Cricket was trying to contact Priscilla, it’s The Butcher that comes through and watching Jordan and Bates face off was a real treat. The Butcher explains that the land is hers and she will do anything to protect it. She also refers to Priscilla as a bastard seed right before breaking the window in the room only to have Cricket start yelling, “Croatoan!” Shelby asks what this word means, but this is when they learn how much Cricket’s fee is; only 25 thousand dollars. Just in case Lee needed that extra nudge to find the money, Cricket whispers to her, “Emily says hello. She wonders why you quit looking for her all those years ago.” Um, WHAT?

At this point, we hear the producer speaking to real life Lee and we get a brief glimpse behind the scenes of the interview portion of the show. This is obviously a hint at more to come in future episodes and is that Cheyenne Jackson I hear as the producer? Turns out Emily was Lee’s first child who also went missing. The fact that Cricket knows about this convinces Lee to contact him again and pay the fee.

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Thomasin White was the wife of John White who was the governor of Roanoke. While John went back to England, he left Thomasin in charge only to have the men turn against her:including her son Ambrose. Men always think they know what’s best, so these jerkfaces leave her to die in the woods. Just when she thinks she’s about to meet her maker, Lady Gaga shows up and saves her. At this point, it seems safe to assume that Gaga is a witch. A witch who encourages Thomasin to surrender her soul to her by eating a boar heart a’la Khaleesi in Game of Thrones. Only Kathy Bates could give the Mother of Dragons a run for her money when it comes to eating a raw animal heart. Newly empowered, The Butcher returns to slice and dice all of those jerkface men with the very butcher knife they used to bully Ambrose into joining them. Because mothers and sons have a special connection, she forgives him, but warns him not to defy her again. The Butcher then decides to move inland and this is how she crosses paths with the living. The lost colony moved to the land where the farmhouse now sits.

Lee, Cricket, Matt and Shelby traverse into the woods, at night of course, to continue looking for Flora. Because why would you search for a missing child during the day when you can do it in the dark? They are, of course, greeted by The Butcher and her people and she is ready to slaughter each and every one of them. Cricket tries to broker a deal: release Flora and all of the living will leave.
They will even burn down the house so no one else comes to live on the land. Wait. Where is Matt? Whoopsies! He’s having sex with Gaga while two hill people watch and jerk off. Quite frankly, this seems more like normal behavior in the woods in the middle of the night and in his defense, he does definitely look to be in some sort of trance. Though he claims not to have any memory of it, Shelby ain’t got time for that bullshit. We all know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and it looks as though Lee is the first to feel the fire as Matt watches her get taken away by the police.

So, next week we will have a very fractured family dynamic, Flora still missing, and it’s been said that we will learn the origins of the Mott family. What is going on and what do you think is going to happen in episode six that is going to change everything? Let me know on Twitter.


They just hand the hoodie over to Lee? Isn’t that compromising evidence?

Lee accuses the local cops of knowing more than they let on. Is she right?

One of the feral children is wearing a ring. Who’s ring is that?

Did Gaga and Matt just create another bastard seed?

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