Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead - The Morgue S2, E2

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With the uneasy truce between Ruby and the gang in effect, Ash invites everyone into his house and into his room. As we approach his room, finally his sister Cheryl gets acknowleged and we get a cool mini trip down the rabbit hole. Ash's room meanwhile is just as any young guy would have it, only its not been touched in decades.

Ruby has hidden the Necronomicon....inside a cadaver at the local morgue, to hide the scent from the evil kids. Its decided Ash and Kelly will go get the book, whilst Pablo decides he wants to get some answers from Ruby about his nightmares.

The morgue setting in a show like Ash Vs Evil Dead can only mean one thing - a shitload of gross out gags. It starts with the coroner or morgue assistant getting his Achilles cut, which as we all know is one of the worst things to watch on screen. With Kelly watching the door, we have Ash then go on a chainsaw cutting spree opening up every single body in the morgue before discover a pre-opened up body - 'Look first, cut later!'
Then comes probably the most outrageous set piece in Ash Vs Evil Dead to date with intestines attacking Ash and Ash's head getting driven through a cadaver's butt hole. So as he fights the intestines he is wearing the body as a hat, in the most gross, splatsticky scene AvED has come up with but hey Ash got the book and Kelly beat up the sheriff.

Back with Ruby and Pablo and things have taken a turn for the worse for Pablo. Ruby wants to know what is happening with him and it turns out that Pablo's nightmares have actually been premonitions. Ruby slices Pablo's throat...but that was a vision but was it a premonition?

Ash and Kelly figure out that Ash's dad, Pablo and Ruby are in trouble after Ash spies a dead person that wasn't who they say they were and Ash's dad has that particular special lady coming over. An awesome fight ensues in Ash's room and Ruby destroys the deadite. In all that excitement, Ash left the Necronomicon in the Delta, oh and someone just stole it.

Another great episode that played the gross out laughs card early and often. Hopefully we start getting some answers to some questions soon!

Ryan Morrissey-Smith

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