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Ash is back and both Pablo and Kelly are along with him and we find they living it up as part of the truce in Jacksonville but before long the deadites turn up and spoil the fun. The trio then decide to go and find Ruby and end this thing. The deadite calls Ash 'Ashie Slashie' something that only those from his home town call him, so Ash decides to go home and find out just what the hell is going on in Elk Grove. Of course shit goes sideways as usual for this group.

We meet Ash's dad, who unsurprisingly just like his son, hitting on Kelly straight away. The father arc has just started and it will be interesting to see just where it goes. The town blames Ash for the events in the cabin years ago but despite this Ash vows to help the town. In the meantime Pablo is having some possession visions due to the Necronomicon cover attaching itself to his face. These visions lead the crew to Ruby but everything is not as it seems.

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Ruby has lost control of the evil and the minion kids have taken over. So now with an uneasy truce, Ruby joins the group and they set out to make things right.

This episode was great, starting off the season very strongly. Ash's ...ash-isms are in full effect all through this episode and it's bitingly funny. Calling back to both Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 in terms of the effects used it makes this slip seamlessly into the Evil Dead universe, Raimi's mark is indelible despite now just in a producing role. This episode was directed particularly well with some awesome transition shots and the action is better than ever. The action and gore was played for laughs which worked perfectly in the confines of this episode.

So after a strong first season despite a weak ending, the second season shows a hell of a lot of promise and I for one cannot wait to see where they go. Welcome back, Ash,

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