Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead - S2, E3 - Last Call

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This episode starts with a lovely and loving montage to Ash's Delta which was stolen at the end of the last episode. We quickly find our thieves getting high with their respective girlfriends and third wheel guy who is just there for drugs. Lacy (who coincidentally enough just happens to be the sheriff's daughter), Marcus and Blake get out of the car leaving Tyler and Amber to do the backseat mambo except Amber finds the Necronomicon and reads out some passages (why you leave post it notes with phonetically spelt out evil summoning I don't know) and well long story short - Tyler has no penis anymore.

Ash meanwhile comes up with a plan to get the book back and at the same time tells Ruby that she can't find the book and that he can't take two steps before tripping over it. The plan is pure Ash. A huge party with his bartender friend Chet involving his standard party drink 'A Pink Fuck' which is laced with Ketamine and surely the Delta stealing punks would ended up at the biggest party in town. Kelly gets bombed on one glass and the party is on,

The Delta has now become possessed in a very Nightmare On Elm Street via Christine kinda way. All red lights, breathing fire and very much a death machine. It offs a few of the kids whilst trapping Lacy inside, so Lacy is now a prisoner inside the possessed Delta.

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Back at the bar, Chet is giving bad advice to Pablo, Pablo is giving Kelly a complex (unintentionally) and Ash's plan is bearing no fruit unless you include newly deadite'd Kelly who is at the party and ready to mingle, of course Ash is very interested and so is Brock. So what happens when nothing goes your way? Well you start a fight with your estranged father Brock and settle your differences in the time honoured tradition of Mechanical Bull Riding. Brock wins of course and gets the girl but we finally get the root cause of the bad blood - Cheryl. Brock blames Ash for Cheryl's death and Ash blames Brock for being a terrible father and husband. Brock blows off these words in attempt to get blown...well you get the idea.

Ruby stumbles across Kelly outside who doesn't think she has a place in the world anymore and that killing deadites is who she is. Ruby invites her to go kill her evil spawn, an offer to good to refuse for Kelly.

Back inside the bar, Pablo and Ash have figured out Amber is a deadite and it takes Ash a few drinks to come to the conclusion that he should save his Dad. With Buck about to bite it (or get bitten) Ash busts in does what he does well - killing deadites. Brock is impressed by Ash's skills and despite an incidence of poor timing, tells everyone his son is a hero...until he is viciously mowed down by the possessed Delta.

So a pants load full of questions that need answering from this episode -
How do you exorcise a car?
Just where is Ruby taking Kelly?
How will Ash react to his Father's death?
How will Lucy feature in the future?

Another good episode if not a little bit haphazard but I'm so ready for episode four!

Ryan Morrissey-Smith

Twitter: @TigersMS78

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