UK! See The Shining This Halloween!

The Shining...

Check out the details for The Shining re-release.

From the Press Release

To celebrate the thrilling re-release of THE SHINING in UK cinemas nationwide tomorrow 31st October just for Halloween, we’d love it if you could include The Shining plus new short film exclusive to cinemas in anything you’re doing for Halloween today or tomorrow? The new short film on The Shining will play prior to the feature across UK cinemas nationwide 31 October.

Spend your Halloween visiting The Overlook Hotel, following Jack Torrance’s descent into madness, fearing for Wendy and Danny and most of all, being terrified, tantalised and truly entranced. Is there a better way to celebrate Halloween than EMPIRE’s “Greatest horror movie ever made”?

The film will be preceded by a new seven-minute documentary on the Stanley Kubrick classic, Work & Play: A Short Film about The Shining, directed by Matt Wells – exclusive to cinemas.

Park Circus celebrate this coming Halloween with a release of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Screening in over 100 cinemas – for one night only, on 31 October – audiences can enjoy this remarkable thriller on the big screen once again at cinemas throughout the UK, plus selected European and Latin American territories.

THE SHINING is in cinemas across the UK on 31 October 2017 accompanied by short film ‘Work & Play: A Short Film about The Shining’ (Director Matt Wells)


Image: Ar-Pr