Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead - Booth Three, S3 - E02

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Ash Vs Evil Dead...

Episode 2 begins with Ruby speeding down the highway trying to hold off the birth of her evil spawn. After narrowly missing some hitchhikers, Ruby gives birth in much the same way that a balloon bursts and the inside of the car is painted like a red monochrome Jackson Pollock. The hitchhikers find out in the worst way just how vicious the evil spawn is...a shout to the effects department for this sequence, it is hilarious and gross, somewhat a theme in this episode.

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We then see Brandy wake up in Ash's house, Ash of course tries to play the Brady Bunch style dad and fail of course. Meanwhile, Pablo gets visited by magical ancestor to says he is in grave danger... Of course now, Pablo is suspicious of Dalton the Knight of Sumeria that Kelly has paired up with and he is more than a little jealous too. The book starts messing with Pablo again as his ink starts becoming painful and we know what that means...yep Ruby is using the book again.

We find out the evil spawn is another child of Ash Williams and Ruby plans to make it the sole Williams child - and she is trying to make her spawn the new prophesied one. But to do that she has to get rid of all the Williams' progeny first...

Ash on the other hand is having a panic attack that there maybe more kids he doesn't know about, so he sets out to the sperm bank - where he has a regular booth, thank you very much  - to try and find out if he has anymore offspring. Not being able to help himself however Ash wants to make a deposit, takes a magazine into the rooms and gets to it. A visit by the evil leads to a brilliant homage of the A-ha music video for 'Take On Me', if that video included a stick mag that can't keep its hands to itself, too much man goo and a Jason X know the one.

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The episode concludes with Ruby feeding her spawn parts of the hitchhiker, in anticipation of a metamorphosis...

An episode that felt short (don't they all) but one that kept things moving at a fast pace putting the wheels in motion for what is to come but leaving me with a lot of questions. Will Pablo turn evil? Will Ruby get her hands on Brandy? What is Dalton's deal? Can Ruby become anymore badass? I can't wait to find out.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
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