Review: Funny Frights (Blood In The Snow Festival) [-SHORT FILMS-]

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Funny Frights...

At the 2019 Blood In The Snow Film Festival, there are multiple showcases that hi light short films and the first one of these focuses on the lighter side of life. The Funny Frights are a collection of shorts that add up to 90 minutes of dark comedy. With running times varying everywhere from two minutes to twenty five minutes, I will simply try to sum each one up as quickly as possible.

The Video Store Commercial - dirs. Cody Kennedy and Tim Rutherford

Wonderfully nostalgic with awesome practical effects and a really cool looking baddie.

Video Vengeance - dir. Nada Cosovic

Feminist vengeance wrapped up in a gorgeous VHS package.

Long Pig - dir. Nikolas Benn

Black comedy with a side of cannibalism? I’ll take a feature length film, please.

Be Good (Sois Sage) - dir. Anik Jean

Children are wonderfully complex and full of surprises. Be Good celebrates this in a hilariously sinister way.

Docking - dir. Trevor Anderson

A gorgeous visual demonstration of a very valid reason to fear dating.

Don't Sneeze - dir. Ryan LaPlante

Grim Reaper has a lot of rules.

One Last Last Heist - dir. Darrin Rose

Comedy, suspense and a meet cute all in one awesome package.
The Trainee - dir. Ryan Couldrey

It’s kind of like a blooper reel from a live action version of The Incredibles. Hilarious.

Asking for a Friend - dir. Kelsey Bollig

Everyone knows that it’s your best friend who doesn’t ask questions when they walk in on you and a dead body, but what happens after the initial shock wears off?

Lisa Fremont
Image: BITS