Get weird with the Atmo HorroX trailer

Atmo HorroX...

Check out the trailer for Armo Horrox.

The films stars Roch Desrosiers, Laurent Lecompte. Pat Trembley directs.

It might be the story of an extraterrestrial invasion in a Quebec suburb. Or maybe the unlikely misadventures of a very, very special agent, on a mission to thwart monstrous spies from another world. Then again, it could be the unleashing of the servants of Satan, with the gates of hell thrown wide open. On the other hand, it’s perhaps a reconstruction of a nightmare Philip K. Dick described to his psychiatrist after his first night sober in 10 years. Whatever it is, it’s something else. There are definitely unexpected disappearances, a picnic in the park gone wrong, negative effects from junk-food overconsumption and, why not, an new drug on the street, a hallucinogen with devastating side effects. One thing alone is certain — rational thought has left the building and hasn’t left a number where it can be reached.