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Opening on the funeral of Orville, Kyle’s neighbor, Sydney decides to appear and I am given serious Poltergeist 2 flashbacks. Sydney in his black suit, black hat and creepy ways just smacks of Kane.

As Megan and Mark get ready for date night, it seems as though she’s been able to move past seeing Jerkface Donnie, but this asshole actually walks up and introduces himself to her husband and acts as though him and Megan are old friends. As expected, Donnie’s appearance in town will have a negative effect on all involved.

Kyle has an unfortunate run in with Donnie where he gets his ass kicked just like he did when they were younger. On the way out Donnie says, “Always trying to play the guardian angel. Haven’t you figured out they don’t exist?” Kyle calls Megan the next day to check on her and she requests that Kyle just leave it be.

The way in which they handled Megan’s flashback to Donnie abusing her was very well done. The fear was palpable, we are left with no question as to what went on, but we weren’t subjected to an unnecessarily vulgar display either. It also really helps us understand why she then feels compelled to get her gun and go pay Donnie a visit. Megan is a strong woman, but those wounds have risen back to the surface and she’s reacting to it. Unfortunately, it’s Mark who physically reacts to Donnie being in town. Damn Mark, everyone knows there are dash cams on police cars! Now what’s going to happen when people see you beating the shit out of Donnie? Dude deserved it, but come on man, that wasn’t smart.

After the interesting decision made by the Chief last week regarding the serial killer trailer in the woods, things get even more interesting when we see him and his wife hosting a BBQ. As their guest has suddenly become a carnivore and the dog, Fuzzy the German Shepherd, doesn’t like her (obviously possessed by a demon), the Chief returns his friend’s watch. The very watch that Mark found in the serial killer camper! The Chief nonchalantly says that someone turned it in to the station and asks where his friend might have lost it.

The next day, Chief decides to go on a “hunting trip” where what he’s really stalking is the serial killer camper. And what do you know? His friend shows up with a tank of gasoline and sets the trailer on fire. Chief simply watches and then tells Mark to send everything that he collected from the camper out to be analyzed. Color me very intrigued as to why he returned the watch to his friend and then watched him burn the trailer to the ground. What did he already know going into this?

Reverend Anderson and Kyle call on Ms. Wilkommen only to have Kyle deduce that she’s definitely still possessed. As he tries to grab her to keep her from falling, she recoils from his touch as though she’s been burned. So, for two years the reverend has been playing board games with Mildred and preaching to her while she sits front row at his church. These demons seem to have been inhabiting the town for a while now, as though they’re waiting on something. Or someone. Anyway, the good reverend doesn’t believe Kyle when he says that Mildred is still possessed.

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Pride really is the worst sin, but Reverend Anderson is big enough to admit when he’s guilty of it. Our intrepid exorcists go back to Ms. Wilkommen’s house only to be turned away by her daughter. I’m definitely looking forward to Mildred’s exorcism because now there is a score to be settled. This demon has been mocking the reverend for two years now. This leads Kyle to believe that his estranged wife may be in a similar predicament and now the boys are headed to her home. Nothing good can come of Kyle showing up where there’s a restraining order against him.

Unfortunately, Outcast is taking a break for the holiday weekend, but it feels as though it will return with a vengeance. The story is building at an expert pace while cautiously unfolding various mysteries. Pacing of a show is so very important and Outcast is nailing it so far.


Donnie knew Mark was a police officer and even commented on how cute their kid was. And this is why I do not believe in Facebook.

Dogs are excellent judges of character. I don’t like anyone a dog doesn’t like.

It’s really hard to see Jason Street be an asshole rapist.

Kyle really is the most tragic, faulty guardian angel.

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