TV Recap: Outcast S1 EP 6 - From The Shadows It Watches

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A lot of new and interesting questions were brought up last week, but we were also left with some broken relationships.

Reverend Anderson is watching videotapes of his past exorcisms in an effort to…what? See how he might have failed? He also has someone trapped in the church who seems to be suffering a demonic possession. Cue Patricia showing up like the desperate, single lady that she is. Now that Kyle has turned his back on the reverend and God, Reverend Anderson takes this opportunity to bring Patricia under his wing in an effort to feed his pride and prove that he is successful at exorcisms.

Patricia may be desperate for the company of a man, but she’s not stupid. She flees the church and runs to Kyle for help. The reverend is in over his head with his current exorcism and she knows that Kyle can help, but he’s still feeling guilt over the girl in a coma. After he compares himself to Boo Radley, Patricia reminds him that he’s no Boo Radley because Mr. Radley turned out to be a hero.

One strange late night visit isn’t enough, though, and Kyle finds Mildred’s Hummel figurine on his front porch, taunting him. He then gets a cane to the face and wakes to find Mildred sitting on top of him and sucking the life out of him. Conveniently, the next morning, Kyle finds Sidney outside of Norville’s home. Sidney is the one who stopped Mildred and he is none too pleased with her antics and he asks her, “Do you know how many you might have sacrificed if I hadn’t stopped you?” Again, we are talking about the merge, but we have no idea what any of it means.

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In a clunky introduction, Patricia’s son, Aaron, tears her down for wanting male company. Or rather, he disapproves of the quality of men that she chooses. In exactly six months and six days, this kid is out of the house forever. Where is all of this anger coming from? Who knows, but this does lead to us seeing Aaron later in the episode spying on the reverend just in time to see Sidney carve a pentagram on his chest.

Kyle is working a job in an effort to live a normal life and send money to his family. This only lasts a little while because the universe finds a way to remind him that he is destined for bigger things, whether he likes it or not. He goes to see the reverend just in time to exorcise Caleb. Despite Reverend Anderson claiming Caleb as his test, his trial, it’s Kyle that has to remove the demon. Seriously, I’m over the reverend’s pride. Pull up your big girl panties and move forward. Kyle is here to help. Let him.

The gal who’s fingernail was found in the serial killer camper is located and she proves to be exceedingly unhelpful when Mark questions her. She plays the abused woman card, but it doesn’t really ring true. She then pays a visit to Ogden to warn him, but his wife definitely sees this interaction. What will this mean? I’m still under the assumption that Ogden’s wife is possessed, so, how will she react to this?

Now, we all knew Mark beating the shit out of Donnie Hamel wasn’t just going to go away. Jerkface calls Megan to his hospital room and despite realizing that she had no idea what went on, he still decides that they’re going to have a bit of fun. He can either claim that he got drunk and into a fight, or he can get a lawyer and send Mark to jail.

So, basically, this episode felt a wee bit slow, but it also managed to stuff a lot of information in. We are now officially past the halfway point of the season and one has to wonder when they will start answering questions rather than bringing up new ones. 


“Crazy Kyle Barnes. Rome’s own Boo Radley.” I enjoyed this quip.

Anyone else feel like Sidney went to the school of How To Speak Like Hershel Green?

Caleb describes how it felt to be possessed and it was a good feeling. He is no longer afraid of death.

I’m going to miss Mildred. She was feisty.

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