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The Mott family connection to the house was teased last week and this week it all came into focus. They even brought in the big guns and Ms.Doris Kearns Goodwin told us the history of the house. Goodwin is a biographer and historian who has written multiple books on various American presidents. As she tells the history of the house, we are finally greeted with Evan Peters. I was a million, bajillion percent wrong last week when I guessed that Peters was the Pig Man. He is, in fact, Edward Philipe Mott and he looks fantastic in a Colonial wig.

Edward suffered from extremae social anxiety, so he purchased land far from the party scene that he was expected to participate in. Building a beautiful house out in the middle of nowhere, he filled it with his very favorite possessions: his art and his lover. Yes, Mott left his wife and young heir back in Philadelphia to be with his lover in North Carolina. It didn’t even take two days for the Butcher to start harassing him. Ambrose and his mother broke into the home and destroyed all of Edward’s paintings. Edward, quite literally, loved his paintings more than human beings and he was absolutely devastated by this loss. His solution was to lock all of his staff in the fruit cellar until the murderer confessed. Unfortunately, they would be forgotten there.

Later that same night, Edward dies a most brutal death at the hands of the Butcher and the internet exploded. The fandom had been complaining for four episodes that they had not yet seen Peters, dude shows up and dies before the first commercial break. Look, he died on the land and that means that he is bound to it and we will see him again. Calm down. It’s worth noting that Goodwin said, “It was said that madness ran in the family and the line ended in scandal when the last Mott died in South Florida in 1952.” So, we know the beginning and end of the Mott family as it figures into the AHS canon. Seeing as how the show is going to drastically change next week, it will be interesting to see how Peters is utilized going forward.
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After commercial break, we return to Matt and Shelby facing down the Butcher. As they try to escape with Flora, they are attacked by a creature from a J-horror movie and at this point I’m wondering if the elevators from Cabin in the Woods open directly into the basement of this house. Or does the house know what you’re afraid of and Flora had just watched The Grudge at a slumber party? Anywhoo, the ghosts manage to corral them down into the basement where Edward shows up and shows them the secret passage out into the woods. Shelby asks him why he would save them, but he’s not saving them. He just wants to be alone and says, “No, all my pain, my ruin, all that I was is no more, everything precious turned to dust. I have but one last sliver of grace: my solitude, such as it is. I can hardly suffer any more souls.” The light tricks they used on Peters’s face during this scene were out of this world. Curiously, Edward refuses to take them past a certain point and tells them, “The living cling to life above all, but the trophy most prized is to die in peace.” He leaves them in the middle of the woods, at night, where they find themselves abducted by the Polk family.

Hello, Frances McDormand! Her and her boys have Elias chained to a table and they’ve been cutting meat off of him: he looks like a scene out of Hostel. This is where we find out that the Polks have an agreement with the Butcher. The Polk kin made a deal with her over 200 years ago: as long as she can consecrate the land each year with fresh blood, she would leave the Polks alone.

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While Lee is being interrogated over Mason’s death back at the police station, the Polks are taking Matt, Shelby and Flora to see the Butcher. Matt manages to find some chutzpah and they escape into the woods where they actually hide IN PLAIN SIGHT. No joke. Matt, Shelby and Flora lay down on the ground in the middle of a clearing. Unsurprisingly, the Polks find them and the matriarch goes all Misery on Shelby’s ankle. In the retelling, Real Life Matt says, “I’ve never felt mores useless.” Um, Matt, you have been pretty useless this whole time. Delivered to the Butcher, Flora is to go first. Lee and the sheriff arrive and when she tells him to call for backup, he drives away. Fast. This reaction does nothing to help quell the suspicion that the cops know all about the Butcher. Right before Flora is about to be sacrificed, Ambrose finally finds his courage, hits his mother and yells in his wackadoo accent that, “I shall not stand by and watch thou shed another drop of innocent blood!” and he drags both of them into the fire! I do believe that Mr. Bentely just won the battle of who has the craziest accent. While this is all going on, Edward shows up, frees Matt and Shelby and tells them to make their grand escape. Wait. What? Where have you been this whole time, Edward, and why do you care now?! Lee arrives in a car and they all drive away to safety. This entire scene played out like a really bad action film. Too many things happily collided with one another in order to allow our protagonists to escape. It was all just too easy for these idiots to escape despite the fact that no one else who lived in the house managed to.

Anyway, they go to a cheap hotel and eat some pizza. Magically, Shelby has visited a hospital that already put a cast on her and she must be on some amazing pain medication because she seems fine. Apparently, there is amazing health care in North Carolina, but a real crap police force. Shelby tells us of the nightmare that she consistently suffers from, but her, Matt, Lee and Flora all made it back to California safely and that, my friends, is the end of My Roanoke Nightmare.

Next week, we will be watching AHS:Roanoke and this is where we will see the new direction of the season. In the teaser, the producer (Cheyenne Jackson;at least one of my predictions was correct) excitedly tells the cameraman NOT to turn the camera off, no matter what. What is it that we are about to witness? Some have suggested that Matt, Shelby and Lee made their story up to cover up a larger crime and they will now be confronted with the truth. I don’t know if I believe this, but I did find it very interesting that Lee quoted Mark Twain saying, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Why would someone go out of their way to say that? Some believe that Matt, Shelby and Lee are actually dead and they’re simply luring more people back to the house. Obviously, any reality show producer would want to visit the site of the murders that these people are talking about: they tell their story, the show then travels to the house and now the Butcher has more human sacrifices.

My real question in all of this is where did Gaga go? She figured so prominently and then she just kind of disappeared this episode. Also, Matt has never really been in peril and we all know that he was gifted to her and she definitely views him as her treasure. Was he ever really in danger? He seemed pretty confident when he told the Polks that he wouldn’t run from them again. Did he know that his witchy love would rescue him? Is Gaga pregnant with his child? A human/supernatual baby would not be the first of it’s kind in this universe. In Murder House, Constance bore an Antichrist child with Evan Peter’s character. Perhaps this is how Peters will figure into the rest of the season? Falchuck has said that episodes 1-5 are somewhat separate from episodes 6-9 and the final episode is a whole other entity into itself. We also know that this is the season where all of the connections are supposed to start revealing themselves. It is going to be really fun to find out where all of this is going. What do you think is going on? Let me know on Twitter.


Why does everyone get so upset over a gay male relationship? Seriously, settle down people.

Edward fighting his way out of the bed cover was very reminiscent of Hotel. The actual checking into a hotel at the end of the episode is also where this episode connected to Hotel.

Will Guinness, Edward Mott’s lover, show up later in the season?

Did I mention how awesome the light effects on Evan’s face were?

The Polks must be related to the Peacocks. If you’re not familiar with the Peacock family, may I suggest watching the X-Files episode titled Home. You’re welcome.

Priscilla’s shit eating grin when the Butcher dies is meme worthy.

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