Seek the Goo with Meathead Goes Hogwild

Meathead Goes Hogwild...

Look below for the details and the trailer for Meathead Goes Hogwild.

From the Press Release

BrinkVision releases the edgy original comedy MEATHEAD GOES HOG WILD on VOD, DVD, and Limited Editon Blu-ray on Oct. 25th. Meathead Goes Hog Wild is probably going to be a film like nothing you have ever seen before. It pushes character driven comedy to the edge and nearly falls off. A wild ride that takes the viewer beyond cinema, and becomes a surreal adventure comedy thriller. Written and directed by the trio Zach Harris, Sean Pierce, and Kevin Cline, these filmmakers create a film that needs to be seen and experienced.

Meathead Goes Hog Wild premiered at FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL to excellent reviews, and great audience reaction, it went on to screen at several more festivals, while picking up a strong following from the public.

The exclusive Blu-ray edition is limited to only a 100 copies with special features that are not on the DVD. The Blu-ray will only be sold on

After losing his job at a local butcher shop, our unnamed protagonist shows up determined to get his job back. There he finds himself alone with a store full of meat. His following choices lead him on a path he could have never predicted. Spiraling out of control, into a world of misplaced masculinity and racial tension, only to be covered in blood by dawn. Plus, it’s a comedy!

Image courtesy of Brinkvision