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Chapter eight finds us smack dab in the middle of the three episode arc of My Roanoke Nightmare: Three Days in Hell. Initially, I was having fun with the new direction that this season was taking, but Chapter 7 felt so haphazard that I was feeling less enamored. Unfortunately, Chapter 8 did nothing to quell this feeling.

After watching the Butcher kill Agnes, Shelby seems to have accepted her fate while Dominic is still yelling at Sidney to stop the madness. Dominic really isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, is he? As the two of them try to escape the house via the secret passageway, they are stopped by the Chens. The Chens are spending their eternity in this house as demon/J Horror ghost hybrids. Really, they’re the coolest looking supernatural entities on this show which is why it’s a shame that they weren’t utilized more.

Instead, we are forced to spend most of this episode with the Polk family. The backwoods family of cannibals that partake in incest and refuse to evolve with the rest of humanity. The only thing more cliche would be if the ghosts on this show wore actual sheets with the eyeholes cut out.

Finn Wittrock is definitely killing it as Cain. He’s barely recognizable and he’s walking the fine line of schlocky acting and legitimate storytelling exceptionally. After cutting Lee’s ear off, he explains to her that it’s for Christmas. Christmas is a special day in the Polk family: everyone gets a pickled ear, a bag of mentholyptus, a jar of blackstrap molasses, more ammo and the babies do cuddles with mama. We also learn of Kincaid Polk. He brought the hogs to slaughter in Chicago, but then came the world’s fair (where H.H. Holmes also became famous and was the inspiration for Evan Peters character in Hotel). After slaughtering hogs, he’d put on the pig mask and slaughter people. He would hang them upside down in the bathtub and gut and skin them. Remember, this is the urban legend that a character in Murder House was terrified of. This now has the Piggy Man connected to two other seasons of AHS.
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Lee makes a case to Cain that she can make him more famous than the Piggy Man, but that doesn’t work, so she goes the pedestrian route of seducing him instead. BORING. They could have at least gone full Last House on the Left, but no. Lee, however, does manage to save Audrey from Mama Polk.

Audrey and Monet’s purpose this episode seems to be fulfilling the quota of really excessive and annoying crying and screaming. While one of the Polks does an Oldboy dental scene on Monet, the chair breaks and she turns into Ramona Royale and fights her way out of there.

As Shelby and Dominic are attacked by the Piggy Man, the Chens and the nurses, it smacks of The Cabin in the Woods. It really feels as though the very bowels of hell open up into the foyer of this house. Did the Phantom of the Opera drop that chandelier on them? Poor Shelby: that ankle has been brutalized twice now and she’s had it. Rather than waiting to see which baddie she succumbs to, she takes her own life and it’s a lot less shocking than it should be.
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Lee, Shelby and Dominic are all reunited back at the house and after a pointless argument, Dominic meets his fate at the hands of the Piggy Man. When dawn breaks, Lee and Shelby debate the reasons why they need to go back to the Polk place to retrieve the footage of their time there. Shelby wants proof that she had a right to murder Mama Polk, but Lee wants to destroy her confession. As the two of them open the front door, they are greeted by Dylan. Who’s Dylan? Apparently it’s the actor version of Wes Bentley. Dude who played Ambrose in the first five episodes of the show. Um, did he just show up?

With only one episode of My Roanoke Nightmare:Three Days in Hell left, Lee, Audrey, Monet and Dylan are still alive. We know that only one person will survive. Who will it be and what could, possibly, be the main theme of the final episode this season?


Mama Polk doing a Hannibal Lecter impersonation? Really? The one that Lea Michelle did in Scream Queens this season wasn’t enough?

With the amount of “homage” going on in this episode, I’m surprised they didn’t have Cain dance to Stuck in the Middle With You while he cut off Lee’s ear.

Lee killed Mason. Big shock.

Where’s Monet?

Why does it feel as though the characters are always being herded into the upstairs portion of the house?

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