Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead - Trapped Inside - S2, E6

ash vs evil dead season 2

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With Pablo starting to look like a contestant on Ink Master courtesy of the deal with the Necronomicon, the crew plus Linda and Lacey bring him back to Ash’s family home. Pablo isn’t looking good, vomiting blood. Ruby suggests that Pablo can send Baal back to hell – if they let the Necronomicon take over some more of Pablo’s body via some of Ruby;s incantations. It’s not the best solution but it’s probably the only one.

Meanwhile the sheriff and the angry folk of Elk Grove are bewitched by Baal, as the sheriff leads the angry mob to the Williams house to arrest Ash for the bar slaughter. The group arrives at the house demanding Ash comes out or they come in. Kelly threatens to ‘fuck their faces with bullets’ then asks if that was too much…upstairs Pablo is in the midst of levitating and as Kelly comes up to check on him she inadvertently discovers that Ruby is now mortal.

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Ash is upstairs as well but he hears someone in his sisters room. It turns out to be Chet being…well…sniffing panties and basically being creepy with Cheryl’s things. Probably one of the best moments of AvED then occurs, Cheryl gets brough back via the deadites and finally something that has never been addressed gets its chance and it’s a fantastic moment. It has an emotional beat to it, not to mention Cheryl killing Chet was a really kick to the nuts (or arm through the body).

Ash and Cheryl then have a knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out, fight which results in Ash blasting Cheryl right out the front door. In front of the waiting throng Ash doles out his brand justice, giving chainsaw beheading to Cheryl in front of the crowd, who now realise he is a hero and not a murderer before Baal knocks Ash out.

This episode was excellent. I loved the inclusion of Cheryl and the further advancements of Pablo’s fate, so it will be interesting to see just how far they’ll let this ride.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78