Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead - We're Going To Be Okay, S2, E8

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I say this after almost every episode but AvED hits you with great moments when you least expect it, this weeks moment was certainly unexpected but not great in terms of what happened.

The others arrive at the run down mental institution and we find out that Ash really is here and that the Pablo, Kelly and Ruby fills are actually real people just not the aforementioned three. Linda is not in Ash's mind, she is there with the rest of the crew, including the Sheriff who along with Linda is looking for Lacey.

Baal of course has taken Lacey there, on the proviso that they sway Ash. Baal being a good demon however prompt squashes the deal and in the first shock of the episode Lacey becomes a deadite. Lacey causes a lot of havoc before Kelly, complete with the pre-requisite 'That's not your daughter' speech before sending her to deadite Great Beyond. However Lacey wasn't the only family member to bite it, as the Sheriff got his lolly lopped off by Lacey, talk about keeping it in the family.

The best puppet v human fight since...I don't know when occurred between the Ashy Slashy puppet and Kelly. It was great to see someone else apart from Ash battling with a usual inanimate object. The physicality and physical comedy was great plus how often do you see a puppet killed by gunshots.
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The newly converted and camouflaged Ash meanwhile hunts down Pablo with Ruby acting as bodyguard. Pablo ever the optimist believes the real Ash is still there and won't let Ruby kill Ash despite it being a them or me situation.

The crew then gets trapped and Ash drags Pablo away from the group, Baal arrives in the guise of Dr. Peacock and tells Ash to end his delusions. Ash however has been playing Baal all along and lets everyone know that he had planned this. After freeing Pablo, Pablo then triumphantly embraces the book's powers and starts to send Baal back to hell. In the ensuing struggle Baal explodes but the group's smiles then turn to screams as Pablo's top half slides off his bottom half as Baal had cut him in two.
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A great episode that had a number of shocks, none bigger than Pablo dying. It doesn't look like Pablo can be fixed or resurrected. So, yeah AvED went full Game of Thrones, with Baal now seemingly gone and Pablo dead, what does this do to our group? Ruby seemed to be gaining her humanity back to but what are they going to have to face in the coming episodes? I can't wait to find out.

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