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Bloody Bits...

Check out the trailer for The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival trailer for their Bloody Bits collection of short films and for all the details read the press release below.

From the Press Release

Black Fawn Distribution, in association with The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival, has released the brand new short horror film compilation entitled Bloody Bits - Shorts Compilation. The collection highlights seven of the film festival’s best short horror films and, in support of the DVD’s release, Black Fawn Distribution has posted a full length trailer for Bloody Bits.

The official trailer for Bloody Bits – Shorts Compilation can be viewed here:

Bloody Bits features short films from directors Christopher Giroux (Dead All Night), Darryl Shaw (Greater Than), Jay Clarke (Lively), Navin Ramaswaran (One More For The Road), Kat Threlkeld (Seiren), Greg Kovacs (Tasha And Friends) and Alex Hatz (Uncommon Enemies). The film is currently available for order exclusively through Black Fawn Distribution’s on-line store which can be viewed at the following link: