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From the Press Release

BrinkVision is releasing the horror thriller SISTERS OF THE PLAGUE on VOD and DVD February 14th. Sisters of the Plague has been called an eerily intriguing impressive thriller with solid performances by Josephine Decker (Rosehill, Loves Her Gun) and Isolde Chae-Lawrence playing a couple in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Its rooted in the southern culture, and captures the feel of the American south. Sisters of the Plague is parts ghost story, occult, and demonic possession in this atmospheric suspense thriller. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jorge Torres-Torres (Shadow Zombie) who wrote the film along with co-writer Jason Banker of Toad Road.

Jo (Josephine Decker) enjoys leading haunted house tours around New Orleans. But when her father moves into the house she shares with her girlfriend, terrifying supernatural things start really happening. Seeking a medium's help, Jo finds she is facing something way beyond her control. Jorge Torres-Torres' intensely creepy film echoes the cult classic POSSESSION in evoking horror from fractured romantic relationship.

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