Introducing - Malvolia: The Queen Of Screams

Malvolia: The Queen of Screams...

Check out all the details on Malvolia's new YouTube show. She will be showing, reviewing and supporting new indie short films, so if you are interested in sending in your short film, read on and you can submit your short film by emailing

From the Press Release

There is a new vixen in town! And she is coming to a computer screen near you February 2017. With over a month of social media presence and networking, a fan base from all over the world are awaiting for Malvolia’s YouTube debut.

Malvolia: The Queen of Screams is the newest horror host on the block with a more contemporary feel.

This Queen will be showing, supporting, and reviewing horror, dark thrillers, and dark comedy short films by up and coming directors from around the country.

Playing the role of Malvolia is an indie horror actress, writer, producer, and director Jennifer Nangle.

Nangle made her debut in the horror community at the beginning of 2016 with her award winning horror short film “Demonic Attachment” and was so amazed of how the community embraced new projects and also supported their own people: indie filmmakers. “I was so blessed when I was starting out as a self producing actress where bloggers and other filmmakers were not only supportive, but encouraging. That helps makes you feel less alone. It challenged me to want to tell better stories, but also reassured me that I had others to lean on in case I stumbled,” says Nangle.

Nangle wanted another way to showcase work other than film festivals, that can be costly. “Anyone can post a short film online, but I thought, ‘What if there was another group of people posting that link and helping spread the word?’ I knew I wanted to have a strong female presence within this idea.

Someone alluring, enticing, but can also have some fun.” Enter the idea of horror host. The horror hostess was born on May 1, 1954 with the premiere of “The Vampira Show”. A monologist whom would often act in skits and have guests on her show, not to mention she guest starred on other’s shows. Fast-forward a couple of decades when Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and her “Movie of the Macabre” show would be on air.

However, Nangle is taking a slightly different approach. She is showcasing indie short films. “There are so many hidden gems that don’t usually see the light of day other than film festivals, or, if lucky enough, are rewritten into feature films. Sometimes neither of those circumstances happen for filmmakers. We need a place for short films to thrive!”

With that being said, Malvolia: the Queen of Screams is currently looking for submissions for her to showcase. If you are a filmmaker within the horror genre (etc.) with a film between 15 Seconds – 10 minutes in length that contains no nudity, please email downloadable links or short films to By submitting, you represent and warrant that you have full legal right and authority to submit the film/video project for consideration.

You can catch all upcoming episodes through Malvolia’s New YouTube page or “like” her facebook page
Follow her on and For more information on Miss Nangle, you can visit her website Oh! And pleasant Nightmares…
Image courtesy of Jennifer Nagle