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Israeli horror film Freak Out isn’t bringing anything new to the table. Essentially, it’s a mashup of 1,001 horror tropes, but it still works. In lieu of a final girl, we have Matan: a mama’s boy/scaredy cat who has just been sent on the wrong military assignment. It is immediately obvious that Matan relies far too much on his mother and this makes him an easy target for the other three men.

Our four soldiers are going out to a remote base where they will take turns patrolling for a week and despite trying to get out of this assignment, Matan will have to endure at least one night with the three jerkfaces and Stas, the commanding officer. On their way to this military outpost, the men caused a scene in an Arab diner and Matan is beyond worried that retaliation will be taken upon them for it.

Not shockingly, Matan finds himself alone on guard duty the very first night and that’s when we start seeing suspicious shadows and hearing strange noises. Is it the men from the Arab diner? Is it the mysterious man Matan saw earlier in the day? Is it another entity completely unknown? Well, some bodies are going to hit the floor before this question is answered and as I said previously, there are many tricks utilized that you’ve seen many times over in other horror films, but the likability of the characters will keep you invested. Despite the carnage taking an inordinate amount of time to start taking place, the rest of the time is well used to set up the scenario and the score is exceptional.

You’ve seen this story and you know all of these characters, but the touches of humor and a few well done red herrings all make for a competently enjoyable viewing experience.

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