Movie Review: Women Who Kill

Women Who Kill...

Director: Ingrid Jungermann
Writer: Ingrid Jungermann
Stars: Annette O'Toole, Sheila Vand, Deborah Rush


Sometimes you just need to watch a comedy in the middle of your horror movie binge. A nice, black comedy that will work just as well for the horror crowd as it will for the indie film crowd and Women Who Kill fits that bill nicely.

Previously known for her web series F To 7th, which is currently in development at Showtime, Ingrid Jungermann shines as the star, writer and director of her debut feature film, Women Who Kill. A smart, darkly comedic take on lesbian culture, relationships and the undeniable lure of serial killers, Jungermann has crafted a story with a fair amount of visual and verbal metaphors without being cloying or heavy handed. And one needn't be an urban hipster living in New York or well versed in gay culture to fully appreciate all of the clumsy complexities of being a human being in a relationship. Being a murderino, on the other hand, would add an extra layer of in the know for you, but it’s not necessary. What’s a murderino? Well, if you don’t know, I guess you aren’t a hipster doofus true crime podcast fanatic. And that’s ok. We can’t all be everything to every single hip counterculture universe.

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Focusing on Morgan (Jungermann) and Jean (Ann Carr), ex lovers who host a true crime podcast which celebrates female serial killers, the two have a lived in, easy banter. It’s not until Morgan meets the mysterious and sexy Simone that this, and many of Morgan’s other relationships, face strife. Played by Sheila Vand (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night), Simone is what happens when you put Mathilda from Léon:The Professional and Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction into a blender. She’s beautiful, bold, too smart for her own good and undeniably magnetic. Simone’s mystery is exactly what draws Morgan to her because Morgan has issues with vulnerability and openness and she finds a partner who doesn’t want to talk about personal things very comfortable. But what happens to that level of comfort when all signs point to Simone being a serial killer?

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As Morgan navigates various friendships, her current romantic relationship and her very complex relationship with Jean, she is forced to face her fears and her shortcomings. This could all be so very heavy and un-fun, but the quick, dry wit that Jungermann crafted her story with keeps everything light and truly enjoyable. All of the performances are spot on with an exceptionally quirky turn from Annette O’Toole. And there are some wonderfully beautiful wide shots courtesy of Rob Leitzell that simply cannot go unmentioned. Women Who Kill is an extremely relatable movie about the endless ways in which we become our own worst enemies in the game of love, but the serial killer backdrop and dark humor keep it at a delightfully fun tone.

Lisa Fremont | Twitter: @lcfremont