The Sublet finally gets US release

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The Sublet...

Check out the trailer and details for The Sublet. On VOD/DVD July 17 2017 (USA). Check out our review of The Sublet here.

From the Press Release

TriCoast Entertainment presents the release of the psychological thriller THE SUBLET, in collaboration with Breakthrough Entertainment and Black Fawn Films. Produced and directed by John Ainslie, the film focuses on the terror of Joanna, (Tianna Nori), and her fiancée, Jeff, (Mark Matechuk), when they move into a sublet apartment, located in an eerie small town.

Instead of starting their new life together, the sublet apartment begins tearing their family apart.

While settling in, Joanna struggles with postpartum depression and Jeff is devoted to his career, leaving her alone as the sole caretaker of their child. Doubts about her husband creep slowly in when Joanna discovers a synchronicity with the violent and lonely past of a previous tenant of the apartment, Margaret (Krista Madison), who Joanna suspects may still be living there, along with them.

The terror Margaret secretly endured at the hands of her abusive husband is revealed when Joanna finds Margaret’s hidden diary. The women begin to connect through their shared sentiments of extreme loneliness and pain occurring within the same apartment. Joanna slowly begins to lose her grip on reality as she re-lives the horror Margaret experienced within the dark, mysterious rooms of the apartment. As she detects the same behavior on her own husband, the past comes crashing into the present, and Joanna loses her identity.

THE SUBLET is a taut, suspenseful thriller that captures the torture of Joanna’s battle with postpartum depression playing out against the creepy rooms of the haunted apartment.

In the tradition of Jacob’s Ladder, Joanna’s slow descent into madness is a counterpoint to the explosive violence seeping though the walls from another time, culminating in a shocking conclusion.

Image: Tricoast